Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Revlon Nail Enamel

Overall, Revlon is, in my opinion, an average drugstore cosmetic brand. (Beside the eyeshadow are a bit lousy) The lip gloss are alright that the shades are fairly pretty and the scent does not bother me so much. However, the lasting power is poor and the lighter pigments just float on top of my lip instead of really blend in.

I thought I won't be buying much of their products even when there was a 3 dollars off on all Revlon promotion in that grocery store I often visits. But since the regular price of their nail enamel are $3.94...Which means that I only needed to chip in a dollar for a bottle of nail color.

"It would be really stupid not to try any of them." I thought.

I picked up 2 bottles from the normal line (There was a limited edition out as well.) One is called Spiced Ice, which I perceived as a fleshy nude with tiny shimmer. And Really Rosy, a vinyl rosy mauve.

I got this in afternoon and was excited to try it as soon as I get home. I painted my nails and was quite impressed by what I saw.

The application was quite a breeze that its consistency of the nail color is similar to that of some more expensive salon brand, I didn't have to worry about it cross over the nail bed staining my finger since it glided on effortlessly.

The finish is smooth and I love how natural it looked under the soft lighting.

Really Rose was fairly pretty as well, it's a simple rosy color that look so classy and sweet at the same time.

However, I will not recommand anybody to buy these two shades if you intend to keep your nail color for more than 12 hours. Why?

Under a soft lamp light, these two colors looks innocent and lovely, but I soon found out that they look very bad under day light: The iced spice turn out to have a very unpleasant orange sallow undertone to it that will soon put you in a granny category. The rosy one, not much better, since it doesn't have any shimmer nor it creates a lacquered shine, the color showed up under a stronger light was a very cheap fuchsia. The moment I saw it, I am reminded of Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter. (If you haven't read the book, she is a old hag who loves anything girly and pink.)

And the cherry on top: They chip faster than any other nail color I've tried (it doesn't help that I type a lot and I curve my fingers doing that...Just a habit) and I can literally get rid of it without a nail polish remover.

Being a dollar a piece, I still I think I am better off with two bags of gummy bears.


  1. I can't believe it doesn't look pretty on broad daylight! So sorry to read that! They looked too cute on your nails! especially with short nails! I was going "aaww" because we never have good deals on Revlon polishes here and they're always expensive! they would cost $4.00-5.00 each here!

  2. Those colors look so pretty in the pictures. It's a shame they don't look good in daylight.


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