Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stila Shine Lip Color in Diane

I am not a big fan of lipstick not because I don't like full coverage, it's just that the good ones (like Guerlain and YSL...) are so expensive (well, Anna Sui rouge was kind of expensive and mediocre) and I thought the less expensive MAC is just "OK"...

Anyway Diane is my first Stila Lipstick ever, it just came with a set from Beauty Crunch so averaged out it's would be around $5 dollars (I think.)

Stila shine lip color comes in a simple tube with minimal design, but I always love the font they use for their logo, it's just cute!

The cute design is actually inside the tube and it's shiny and smooth enough to use as a mirror.

The lipstick has a faint vanilla scent (it bothers me a bit at first but after one or two uses, it either faded or I got used to it)and come with an SPF 15 (I think the working ingredient is Titanium Dioxide, so it blocks both UVA and UVB) .

is in a very sheer shimmering gold shade that just looks like a plain balm with one glide. (It goes on quite smoothly)With around 10 glides (or was it 20? Anyway, I used up 3mm of this just to do the swatch.) The gold is quite apparent and it turns my lips into a nice shade of peach, the shimmer is fine that it looks really good under strong lighting.

Overall, it's a bleh product, nice but nothing really special. I guess I will save some money for YSL (Rouge Volupte in Rose Culte...I want it!)


  1. Haha 20 glides?? Omg.. and I thought I loaded on lipstick...

  2. Wow such luscious lips u got there, girl!

    BTW, are you letting go this lippie? If u're please, I'm interested! Perhaps we can swap? =)

    I have a couple of Estee Lauder lippies, if u're interested.

  3. Hanna:
    At this very moment I am not swapping just because I am way too impatient and I calculated that it would be cheaper for me to just get some drugstore ones. ( I don't think anybody would want it because I used up quite a bit plus I don't "dig elegantly".)

    Since the lipstick is quite cheap from beauty crunch, I think you should be able to find it on ebay for not that much of a crazy price...


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