Friday, August 22, 2008

Shimmer and Gloss: Anna Sui Lip Color

Anna Sui lipstick is one of the first items I got from this line. I intended to buy it for my mom but obviously she doesn't like it as much so she gave it back to me...
The rouges come in four categories:

G for Gloss with clear black cap
S for Shimmer with clear purple cap
M for Matte with clear red cap
V for Velvet with opaque red cap

And you can see, I have the the lipsticks in G and S. (Cute tubes, huh? May I mention it smells pretty nice too? )

The rouge G (picture was accidentally deleted and I didn't backup) I have is in 501, a dark chocolate brown (Most of the time I only buy wacky shades from the more expensive brands since when it comes to the normal shades, some drugstore lip color are perfectly pretty in my opinion.) It's indeed very glossy and sheer so it doesn't look all that scary in real life.

Rouge S in 371 soft pink in gold, not golden pink (you will see what I mean in the swatch)

Rouge S in 570, this is the one I bought for my mom, a golden plummy brown. I've been playing with this quite often but never wore it outside of my room since the color is a bit aging. That wasn't really the reason why my mom did not like it, she does prefer red and wine but the rouge itself is very drying.

And here comes the swatches! (I did not even bother to wear a balm underneath so you can really get an idea of the texture)
Rouge G merely transform my lips into an apricot shade, the color pay off is poor but the formula glides on easily and is very moisturizing. If you want this kind of sheer color and nice texture, I think going for a Burt's Bees pomegranate replenishing lip balm is a much better choice, not only it's almost 99% natural plus it only costs 3 bucks.
Shimmery one in 371, very pink, very golden and very girly. This formula is a lot more drying so it looks quite horrible on chapped lips. Something I really like about Anna Sui (beside the packaging of the cosmetic, duh.) is that she have quite a sense of creating blending colors that you don't see lying around in the drugstore, some of the shades are in a perfect blend of girly charm and "something else".
The shimmery 570. I like the gold spark in this but too much can be very aging and very drying. A nice way to wear this is too layer it on top of a clear gloss. Yes, on top, so that the color can glide and you will have the ability to control how much color you want.

Overall, I found the shades, packaging and scent are quite lovely which makes it a pleasure to use. However, the texture and color pay-off are somewhat poor that they can be beaten by a simple drugstore lip gloss or balm.


  1. payoff is poor? They don't come cheap right? but girl!!! I just can't help it! I'd say it again, your lips are GORGEOUS!!! I love the Soft pink in GOLD!!!

  2. They look gorgeous, it's a shame the color payoff is poor though.

  3. I love that last one, too. I only own two lipsticks and I'm not convinced that either looks good on me.

    Much more of an eyeshadow girl. Luckily, because I'm freakishly pale I can paint bright colours on my eyes (I do rainbow ones, need to photograph that sometime) with bold blush and lipstick and, I think, can just about carry it off. It helps if you have strongly-coloured hair, too.

    I'm like a white colour-in doll!

    That MAC green pigment is so old I haven't got a clue what it's called. I picked it up on eBay &* have no idea if it's genuine or not - but if it's not, it has AMAZING colour payoff and staying power, so either way, worth what I paid!

    The jewel of MAC's collection is their pigments - huge pots of loose powder, with great colour payoff. They're great, but best used with mixing medium or primer to help 'em stick to yer eyelids!


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