Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jane Iredale 24K Gold Dust

When I got my Jane Iredale Eyeliner brush from the eBay seller, I also received a sample loose powder in Silver, the loose powder was so different, not only it was literally dazzling (the shimmer is very fine and each of them reflect light with a different intensity as if they come from different depth) the powder as felt very light to the touch...

I simply had to get more.

The Jane Iredale 24K gold dust has the real thing (food grade 24 Karat gold flecks, hence the name) in it to create the jewel shine. And as expected, I played save and got the ones in Lilac and Green...

It's always difficult to take pictures of something with so many blings...First the multi-dimension the shadow has became all flat once captured...and in order to show the nice shimmer, I have to face it right under sun, which means, the colors got washed out a little bit as well.
Having said that, the real thing is a hell lot prettier than the swatch. Especially the Lilac, the over all finish is like a wet sheen and the silvery dimension make my eyes look like it's transparent. I think it might be my favorite lilac eye shadow I have so far.

The one in green is pretty as well, but not as much as the lilac...The color looks so rich and deep once it's in a glob, but when blended down, it's more of a moss green, there doesn't seem to be some dazzling silver dust in it...So I still prefer my Stila Shadow pan in jade better than it.

Overall the application isn't all that difficult either, since I have a Stila brush that's made for this kind of loose powder...


  1. I always use my fingers to apply e/s powders, haha... :P The lilac one must be SO gorgeous in person!

  2. These are stunning.

    Now I want some. Oh no XD...

  3. Fuz:

    Yeah, the lilac one is really pretty when I dust it on top of anything...but it's doesn't have much staying power by itself.

    My finger is way too cold in the winter and way too sweaty in the summer so I have to use a brush with those...

    Cris & Gio:

    I really wish I could take a picture that show their true beauty...too bad picture is only 2-dimensional...

  4. Green looks WONDERFUL!!!! I know what you mean about the photos, I have to take several shots and choose the one that looks closest to the original color :)


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