Friday, April 03, 2009

Stila Allover Shimmer Brush Number 19

Off topic: Have you seen the new aluminum compact with floral pattern? (Image courtesy of Becky9960 at eBay.) It's so pretty! I am so going to Sephora just to buy that $2 compact!

A special review just for this since the color doesn't match the rest of my brushes ...

Yes, I got it just because I like the way it looks. It's a small (the width is slightly smaller than a quarter.) flat top brush designed for their all over shimmer powder (which is a very nice loose shadow) since the brush tip fits in the lid of the shadow jar perfectly.

It does distribute loose shadow evenly with the soft fluffy hair and I have no ideal where else to use it for.

And have you see the bigger pictures for the Nars Summer 09 limited edition?

I am speechless...I want that eyeshadow (Yes, I am fully aware that I cannot pull of blue like that and it will look nothing like the picture when it's on my face...)

Urgh, I just went to the Nars website, tropic is matte...


  1. The Stila's Retractable brush looks so handy! :) and wow on the Poster photo..that blue looks hot, but I wouldn't be able to go out looking like that, and I wouldn't even look like that as well! :)

  2. I'll have to try this look...I think I have a similar colour :D!

  3. That brush looks cute! I'm lemming that Nars eyeshadow as well, it's so gorgeous!

  4. Why don't you like matte colors? :P But that is really pretty.

  5. Hi Smiley13tree:

    Maybe it's my lack of skill (Or my weird eye shape: There is a crease, but it's just the right size to hide all the eyeliner, mascara and some shadow I wear...) I can't really find a place to put colorful shadows on my eyes...some one might want to point me to some Asian guru with impaccable blending skill...

    But my eyes are actually kind of big to start with so they looks worse with a chunk of gunk on them...So I usually use shimmery color at a accent at the tear duck or allover wash...

    Actually I like my eyes the best when it doesn't have anything on, just a personal preference.


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