Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Anna Sui Compact Powder Cases

Yes, I posted this a year ago and I decided I don't like the way I marked it (gotta do it to avoid nasty eBay seller) so I dug out the the pictures from the computer and re-stamped all of them.

You know, I like pretty mirrors and beauty accessories of that sort, so I have a few Anna Sui compact cases lying around that I mainly use as mirror.

The Anna Sui Powder Cases in all its splendor: From top left going clock wise

Brighten powder case, pressed powder case, protective foundation case and a limited edition Luxury Loose Powder case.

This is my favorite case out of all four, I love the symmetry and the simple rose design at the center. What I like better is that it has a pink and lilac sheen (very hard to capture with camera) allover the white casing. (It also came with a matching box, which I squashed accidentally.)

Luxury Powder Case. My second favorite from the four. The design (as a loose power carrying around case) is purely crap (if you go back to the old post you will be able to find out) not to mention they didn't use heavy weight plastic so it can be scratched easily. But I like the roses and the royal purple.

The Box came with it has a matching pattern as well, so pretty!

This is my least favorite of all but I had two of this... (I never intended to get this but the two stupid website 1) Cosmetic America and Evecare put a picture of a rose patterned case and both sent me this shit.) I gave one to a friend, who uses this as a chair for her doll figure and swap another one for a shadow base.

The white protective foundation case. The quality of this is very nice. It's actually made of very tough plastic brushed with some shimmer paint (so it has silver shimmer instead of lilac sheen) think about Stila brushes metal compact. So it's fairly low maintenance compact that you can actually carry with you.


  1. The last one's so my favourite :D!
    The first one reminds me of a cupcake (lol) :-P.

  2. Ohhh, love those pictures!

  3. These are so cute! Where did you get them? I always thought Anna Sui was only available in Asia. ):

  4. I got most of them from a American site called Evecare that's based in California (but they sent me a completely different product from what's shown on the picture once.) The 2nd time I ordered, things went fine...

    I like the because there is no mark-up at's the same price if you were to get it, maybe they have a counter in New York?

    Yesstyle (based in HongKong) has more set and limited edition mirrors/pouch available and the price is a tiny tiny bit higher than evecare.

    Ichibankao (based in Japan) has some hard to find items as well as the permanent line, but the markup in humongous....I remember I paid $22 for a rouge in Victoria's secret (used to carry the line) but that website charges $40...

    I don't suggest you to get it in ebay unless you are *very* familiar with the brand, their catalog and what they released when...There is a butt load of fake there as well as people who sale ancient stock...

    Of course, if you like the style. Korean brand Etude House pretty much knocked out all of the popular Anna Sui mirrors as well as their design....


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