Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My collection of Anna Sui Powder Cases

I have been wondering for quite a while what to pick as the background for those beautiful cases and I came up with

Idea #1:The fossil that I use for the lip gloss galore?
Nope, too much walking (just 5 minutes) and hassle to take the cases with me.

Idea#2: Cloth?
You mean the freebie t-shirt I got from the company sponsored seminar or the red shirt that reads: "If this looks blue to you, you are moving a bit too fast." (physics joke, you don't have to get it). Well, I do also have a butt load of floral blouses (Thanks to my mom, I have more floral clothes than an medium sized Hawaiian gift shop.)

Idea #3: A Smooth surface like a leather bag or table top?
Nope, Anna Sui already got a sleek look, they will smother each other.

Idea#4: "Screw it, I am taking them to the balcony floor."
I took this one...(I did take extra precaution to make sure no cases was scratched in the making of this post.)

So, here you go, the family photo.

Anna Sui Compact Case for Pressed Powder

This is the first powder case I got (I never wanted to buy *this* one, I am not a big fan of butterfly, is just that some US online beauty site never update their sites.) I decided to keep this since it's sort of cute anyway plus that US site had this shipped from Hong Kong, if I had to return it, it has to be at HK within 7 days on my expenses...Guess who is not gonna shop at Cosmetic America again?

Open the lid, I didn't like the case so much first because of the shape, then the thing was too light. (Duh, you are supposed to put the refill in it...)

Brightening Foundation Case: This is probably my favorite, I love the symmetry and the engraved rose in the center. ( I think the black one is even better, too bad I can't find them anymore.) The case has a lovely pinkish lavender sheen to it, you can see it with your eye and it shows when it's under the sun.

Simple and pretty.This is the Protective Foundation case, it has exactly the same design as the moisturizing foundation case, except it's white with silvery shimmer. I would want to grab the moisturizing one as well, but then, I already got the loose powder case and folding mirror that look almost identical.
The three-layered hamburger look. Speaking of which, I haven't eaten that for a while now.

My most recent purchase...May I have the drum roll please?The box for Luxury Powder case. I remember bidding (but didn't win) for it on eBay back in February and it went all the way up to 20 GBP. But a few days ago, I just found it on a American based website (their customer service was not very consistent so I was taking a chance buying stuff from them the second time) and they sell it for the normal price, well, this is a tad bit more expensive ($22) than the other cases I have but it's well worth it.

The case is in royal purple (aka eggplant) with mother of peal like (It looks a lot like those anime sticker cards I used to play with when I was a kid) rose pattern and it's meant for carrying your own loose powder. Yes, your own! But you probably wouldn't want to do that since...the structure design of the case is quite like a smaller version of the big one, neither of them is travel-friendly.

A a ring of foam for support.
A sift on top of the foam then, with the supplied scapula, you are supposed to scoop your own powder into the space (which is not secured by anything)
Oh, there is a plastic cover on top of the sift, like it helps...

Then you put the pretty purple puff on top of it and you are ready to go (and spill your loose powder all over your purse) !

I am glad that they have a new UV loose powder case now. (well, actually just the refill...) I won't buy that since base makeup make my skin rough: I tried Anna Sui, Shiseido and Lancome then just gave up.

Hey it rhymes. (In a very lame way...yeah) By the way, there will more Anna Sui coming up later!

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