Thursday, June 19, 2008

More lip gloss please!

I just have so many glosses (or lip products in general) ...that I think this galore will go on forever...Sally Hansen Diamond Lip treatment from CVS clearance basket goodies: got it for 60 cents! The shdae in Ruby something...(Well it's a limited edition shade that has only one left in that even I rememeber the name of the won't help much.)

I wish that they make the glitter a bit smaller...

Sally Hansen is probably my favorite US drugstore brand when it comes to lip
gloss, (this is my 3rd tube from the same line: my first was a bright fuschia called Forever Iris...I finished the tube within a summer...then it was a beige that I later found unsuitable for my overly red lips, now I am back to the bold color again! ) the color is vibrant yet doesn't cream when it goes on... I hate it when gloss smell like over sweetened desert, but the faint brown sugar scent of Sally Hansen doesn't bother me at all. Another note, one reason I am not a huge fan of MAC lipglass is that it's pretty much a teeny-bit-glassier (and tackier) version of Sally Hansen with a killer price...

Here comes the line smoothing mineral lip treatment, in goes on sheer with a berry tint. Same faint scent but this feels minty. The shimmer is very fine and subtle. Good for a wash of color for the summer. I don't know about the line smoothing part...since there is no line to fill in the first place.
This was packed with the other mineral lip gloss ( I believed that I got the 2 for 3 bucks) . It's a beige pearl color, I think, it tone down my lip color a bit when I wear it alone. when woren on top of a nude lipstick, it add a little dimension.

Sally Hansen has a few new lines that just came out recently, I was eager to try all of them(actually the crusted gem one really got my attention) ..but guess what, they are sold-out
every time I went to the grocery store. That 's quite a bit to say since I *love* wondering around in food mart when I have free time.

More gloss coming up! ( When I am semi finished, I will also start talking about the lippies, I have to say that Sally Hansen's Natural Beauty lipstick is quite amazing! )

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