Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Covergirl Outlast Lip Stain in Everbloom Kiss

Lip stain has become increasingly popular for the past few years because who would say no to long wearing, innocent flush of color and the light feeling it has on lips?

Several companies have come up with their own version of lip/stain, however, I do think most of those are feeble attempts at capturing the glamor of original Benefit Benetint. Today, I will be talking about one of the newer drugstore releases, Cover Girl Out Last Lip Stain. (Bought it a while ago since I've already mentioned it in mt Lip & Cheek Stain Comparison post)

The lip stain comes in a pen and is dispensed the same way as a marker. There are several shades available (8 or 12?) and I picked the lightest (judging from the tube) most natural looking one: 400, Ever bloom Kiss . I mean, you can't go wrong with a basic pink, right?.

The marker applicator is quite easy to work with as you can use the tip to line your lips then fill them in using the side (which gives bigger strokes), the pencil is not dry that it drags my lip, which I like quite a bit.

Ever Bloom Kiss is rosy pink (note to self, avoid taking picture with rising sun, which turns your skin yellow) , the stain feel more watery than Benetint yet the color is darker so it appears a tad bit unnatural on my lips (keep in mind that I do have red lips to start with.) It does last longer than normal lip gloss but it can be quite easily removed with a tad bit of soap or oil based makeup remover, unlike Benetint, which sometime is a pain in the @$$ to remove.

Since it's a liquid stain, it is indeed quite drying. (The only non-drying stain I've tried was Stila Cherry Crush, but that thing has its own issue, too little for too much). There are around 2.5ml of products in Cover Girl Stain(1/5 of that of Benetint)but the price is only 1/4 of what Benetint costs. When you think about the unit price and the fact that the liquid is housed in a marker pen (it will dry out before it actually run out)I wouldn't say that it's a "good substitution" for Benetint either...

If you want to pick a cheek stain to use all the time, I still think Benetint is still a better choice. But if you want to have fun with a decent product, this stuff isn't bad either.


  1. Yes, BeneTint's the best :).
    Supposedly the Revlon Just Bitten thing's good too though :o...But I don't think it's available here :( so I haven't personally tried it.

  2. I never really tried any lip stains..

  3. Hi Cris:
    The just bitten stain was a limited edition since 2006 and I remember the last time I saw them was fall 2008...the stuff isn't cheap when you are taking unit price into account I personally dislike the roller ball applicator a was such a mess.

    Hi Fuz (I remember it's one "z" this time):

    Since you like Japanese products, I believe Maquillage has a gel stain as well, it's package like their neo-climax gloss and has a silicon applicator shaped like a doe foot...It's in a red red color and comes in gel form.

    If you haven't tried any yet, I think benetint is a great basic since it's quite universally flattering (of course, it's bitter and drying)...

    If you have cool skin undertone, Stila cherry crush will work beautifully plus it's very moisturizing (I've heard some complain about it being was too blue-based but there is another pomegranate crush...)...on your lips and cheeks.


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