Friday, February 27, 2009

Physicians Formula Plump Potion Lip Gloss in Berry Potion

If there is one product that I throw into trash after one use, that would be Physicians Formula Plum Potion in Clear Potion. Not only it hurts (put it on my leg and it got red and swollen right away) , it smells and taste horrid, it's so glassy that it turned my lips into sausage shell filled with water (and pain.)

A flashback picture of the actual effect. In a good way, it works. But that's no way wearable. My lips are already thick, making it swell with a glassy finish is as unflattering as it can be. I thought it could not get any worse than this.

But I was wrong.

Well, during the sale, actually it's a twin pack for the Plump Potion Lip Gloss (for 99 cents) , the clear potion along with another shimmery mauve gloss. I kept the never opened gloss inside my lip gloss case for a few month don't know what to do with it. I was scared of the pain and I wouldn't want to give something I hate to a friend.

When I was organizing my stash, I decided why not give it a try if it were to go to trash unopened. Maybe it would not be as bad since there is some color in it to counteract that glassy inflated sausage look? Maybe the pain and swollen lips was only seasonal?

Again, I was so wrong...

It still hurts (keep in mind that I do have somewhat sensitive skin) and caused some more redness on my lips, since they are very red to start with, the flush looks pretty bad, like I had some allergic reaction from food...As I tried it on the back on my hand (I believe, tougher than my thigh) it takes less than a minute to have a very visible red bump and after I wiped the gloss off, I had to wait more than 2 hours for the bump to wear off...

The gloss is still thick, sticky and tastes very bad, like some unidentified chemicals. I thought Victoria's Secret is bad enough, but no, this thing is the most disgusting lip gloss I've used and tasted...The mauve color looks so cheap...reminds me of the very cheap toilet paper I saw when I was a little kid in China.

This stuff is going to the trash can...


  1. Yes, you're thinking of the correct Rice Village. lol Weird huh. :S

    Sorry the plump potion didn't work out for you.. :( I saw this clearanced at Target today, but steered clear when I read "plump." I really can't tolerate any lip plumpers! I want to try lip fusion though. =) Have you tried that before?

  2. Hi Julienne

    The world is really small indeed...

    I am not planning to buy the lip fusion because the packaging is pretty bland and the brand never appeal to me anyway... if I have to spend big bucks on a lip gloss, it better be as pretty as those YSL rouge, DiorKiss limited dition or Guerlain Green, I think I will stay away from "Stimulating" lip lips looks bad with those gloss that magnifies and make my lips swells at the same time.

    I mean, I remember Lip fusion paid a blogger to do a commercial something like that, it doesn't help that I personally find her quite ill informed and a bit pretentious...

  3. I am sure it will do the same to me if I use it, I have thick lips to start with too! :) Thanks for the post :) I'll definitely steer away from this

  4. Just wondering, if you knew that you already had thick plump lips, why would you buy a plumping lipgloss knowing the intended effects?

  5. Wendy:
    First, I didn't expect it to work. Come on, all the shiny-licious glosses from Maybelline are not shiny (all the color juice from Loreal are not remotely colorful or look like lancome juicy tube) so I just bought them because I like to try out glosses...

    Plus, it was only 50 cents a piece and the tube is fairly pretty...

  6. I use the pink plump potions everyday, I have amazing results. Its perfect, lasts.. and fades gradually. I love this product!!! Maybe you are allergic, or your skin is simply too sensitive!?


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