Friday, June 06, 2008

Lip Gloss Galore: Lip Plumping Disaster and More

Another super cheap product here (Don't you just love clearance basket?). Please feel free to call me cheap, I don't like to buy drug store item at full prize since a lot of them turn out to be so disappointing that I only use once, turning my head to slightly more pricey brands actually makes my money well worth in the long run.

Okay...Lip plumping gloss...What the hell was I thinking ?!

I have thick lips to start with (which I am totally OK with since they help me use up all the lip gloss I bought) so I rarely pay attention to any lip plumping product, but, I thought this tube looks pretty cool and would be a great member of my lip gloss it was 90 cents for two of them (I didn't even open the other one in mauve after seeing the effect...not that I like that kind of color either...)

A swatch for your/my amusement.

Every picture I took for this swatch looked horrible beside this one, which turns out to be sorta funny looking, it reminds me of those monster in those cheesy Hollywood alien movies...I didn't crop out my chin so you can really see how this stuff work (the pouting was for a comedic effect, I promise I won't do this again)

Yup...this things works as promised however I hates it...this thing makes my lips look like sausage balloon filled with water, plus I hate any gloss that's glassy, see? DiorKiss and Juicy Tubes are glossy but they don't make my lips look laminated (Oh yeah, I will probably not buy any lipglass from MAC...I am not a big fan of MAC anyway, since I prefer a subtle look...) This thing also gave my lips some annoying tingling as well when I applied it on my thigh, the covered part got so irritated it turned pink...)

While trying to get over with the fresh pain of lip injection, here is a nice one: L'Oreal Colour Juice Sheer in pink Prism.

I often shy away from lip gloss in lighter shades, they tend to look like a dab of butter on my red's especially difficult to find some drug store gloss that actually blend in and tone down the my lip color (Revlon in Nude Lustre does a fairly good job) . This little tube of peachy gloss, in limited edition, tone down my lip color just a bit and gave them a very youthful ( I mean this thing would even be appropriate for some junior high student or 30 something shooting for a cover for Seventeen)
As you can see, this gloss doesn't really look peachy at all, it's a faint pink that doesn't really alter my lip color.Just like most drug store brands, it doesn't last long. I don't mind reapplying it though, since it has a lovely peach scent.


  1. I found your blog after I google allergy to PLUMP POTION PHYSICIANS FORMULA.I bought this crap last night in the drug store and used this morning. I thought that my face was going to explode, not only my lips got swollen and red but so did the entire area under my nose and around my lips.I just had a severe allergy reaction to this lip gloss. I took a benadril .I think this thing should be taken out of the shelfs and burned ,it sucks.

  2. Eccentric Jewels:
    I think we are the minority here since many people on youtube do like this gloss...Anyway, I hope you did get a refund for your pain...


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