Monday, January 26, 2009

Benefit California Kissin Lip Gloss

Just an update from my not-so-organized lip gloss galore post last year. I didn't get to play with the lip gloss that much actually (since I had way too many of them and kept buying more) , then I recently found out that this one is actually pretty neat product on its own and worth more mentioning.

California Kissin is blue gloss with a sweet taste, minty scent and gives a watery finish that's quite long lasting. (Looks kind of glassy too) .

Most of the time, blue/purple lip gloss either doesn't show up (look like clear) or makes me look sick...California Kissin belongs to the first type (while MAC lustreglass in Opal belongs to the other...) As for it giving dimension and fullness to the lips...I would say nada...That has more to do with the texture of the gloss than the color...

After about 10-15 layers...the blue flecks finally shows a bit. Now you can see the fullness, but it's just because I used way too much of it.

Anyway, I really like the watery finish and the way those blue shimmer swirls around inside the tube like a mini-ocean. The sweet taste is not my thing but I guess I can tolerate. If you like watery gloss with minty taste, check out Cover Girl Amazemint lip gloss, they have one in blue as well!

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