Thursday, January 21, 2016

Integrate Rainbow Grade Eyes in RD715

After my very happy first purchase of Integrate  Pure Big Eyes last summer, I went back and got more of their palettes. I didn't have any color I wanted so I just winged it and bought whatever wasn't too boring-looking.
 Rainbow Grade Eyes is a range of mono-chrome gradational palettes, with color arranged like rainbow. Having enough of my boring neutral (Kidding, how can you have enough variation on taupe?), I went for the mauve-red combo RD 715, since it looks like it got more twist than the others.
 Packaging is the same light weight plastic, disguised as metal and there is a reflective flab on the top that might work as a mirror (but in reality it just gives you and headache and let you have a rough idea where you placed the color). The duo-end sponge is of great quality, smooth and cushy, it works great but I feel that a wetter and looser formula (like one from Majolica) would benefit more from this.
RD 715 is rosy beige with a burgundy accent. With the exception of the glittery top wash, most of the shades are satin (the three lid shades on the right more uniform across) and the base is satin-matte (with pearly bits).  The texture is smooth, moderately pigmented (for a Japanese palette, that is) and seems as finely milled as the Shiseido (International) palettes, the shimmer are multi-colored even though you don't get much dimension with the two shades (all utilize the same type of glimmer).
Powdery light beige is decent as a base. The top wash looks white in the pan but the pink is much more apparent on the skin. 
 1. Light tan peach (more opaque than the other two), intended as the allover lid shade.
2. Clear rose with brighter pink glimmer. Lid shade and transition color.
 3. A deeper rose/burgundy accent or liner. 

The kind of peach and burgundy (wine/purple) is done to death in Japanese palettes. There are Visee Glossy Rich PK-3. Suqqu Benikakesora, Shiseido Beach Grass...just to name a few. Then there are Nars Kuala Lumpur and Sugar Land (Nars is owned by Shiseido, for people who are not aware)...

I am a little bored with this combo and it takes something special to impress (which RD715 is not).
 On the eyes, Integrate RD715 gives a plummy gradation that's flattering for the dark eyes (as peachy mauve makes black eyes more brown). It's easy to wear and flattering...If you own any of the mentioned palettes above, this would be a little redundant. If you like the pomegranate color, I think Maybelline Color Tattoo Pomegranate Punk, L'Oreal Infallible Glistening Garnet and Elf Soiree are all similar and much prettier.
The only advantage of Integrate would be that it's more portable than all the pots eyeshadow (and no fuss application) and won't hurt your wallet if you misplace it...So, I guess it's not entirely useless.


  1. As much as I like the whole line of Pure Big Eyes, these Rainbow Grade Eyes never tempted me at all, not sure why!

    By the way, the 2 L'Oreal Infallibles you sent--LOVE them as eyeliners! Either way, I can't believe I forgot how much I love these Infallibles in general! Being away from my collection at home brings my appreciation for them to a whole new level!

    1. I was thinking about getting another pure big eyes (gr777) then I realized I am not too crazy about the color either...Anyway, now whenever I want more punch of color, I reach for singles instead...I need to wear more infallible since I collected a bunch last fall.


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