Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Jurlique Love Balm - Rose and Citrus

Jurlique Love Balms were cart fillers when I bought the facial oil. They are cute little wax-based balm in a simple tins. They used to cost 8 bucks a piece and while I was waiting for promotion, it jumped from 8 to 10 dollars right before my eyes. 

I only used the Rose one (and didn't really touch the citrus will see in a minute). It smells generically rosy (which I like) and has a thin waxy formula that melts easier during summer (when it's humid enough that I don't use a wax-based balm). 

During cooler seasons, it applies like a thin layer of wax and doesn't do anything on my chapped lips and is way too thin for cuticle.  Well, since my skin can get pretty dry, I just ended up scraping a whole chunk and smear it allover my face (apparently my skin is dry enough to get away with it), it's somewhat nourishing but I prefer the Badger Beauty Balm,  which is much more nourishing/oily and easier to spread. I can see it as a very faint solid fragrance and a weak cuticle creme. I will try to use it up, maybe on my feet and or legs.

Verdict: Doesn't do chip (on dry skin).


  1. I actually love this balm (Thank you for your generous and sweet gifts!).
    This makes a great base for any lip color. The scent is natural and just about right. :D

    1. I am glad you actually find some use with it! I need to remind myself no more balms until I finish up the three tubs...


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