Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mat Marmalade - Canmake Mat Fleur Cheek

Canmake released these Mat Fleur Cheek fall of 2014. After all the months in the cabinet, I finally decided to take it out and start playing with it (for me, I much prefer wearing warmer peach or orange blush when it cools down/my summer tan fades).
Mat Marmalade consists of five colors: white, two pale pinks (one leans warm while the other looks cool), medium pink and a creamy orange. Depends on where you dip the brush(the included one is of good quality but not very useful for this brush. 
For a true drugstore brand(considering almost all of their products are within single digit before international mark-up) the texture is remarkably smooth and finely milled. The pigmentation was quite poor though, I only get a hint of peachy orange tint when I dig in with a large kabuki.

I have tried their previous powder cheek and Cheek & Cheek, the colors show up much better on those (I also like how those are easily depoted).
I think the only use I can think of is to use it as a setting powder (for sunscreen and concealer) and lightly tinted blush(I loved Benefits Dandelion for that and Canmake is less chalky). It's smooth enough to not turn cakey afterward. Unlike Benifit boxed blushes, the compact is too hollow to contain the ton of flyaway it kicks (it's either flyaway or zero color) so it was truly an eyesore to use.

Verdit: After Glow Fleur Cheek, here we have other dud from Canmake. It's still kind of pretty to look at so I will keep it for a little longer. Speaking of which, I should toss the Glow Fleur Cheek since I don't think I will wear it again...


  1. Yeah, I'm glad I skipped this whole fleur thing as they all look meh.

    1. I think I would like them better if it's depotable. Takes too much space and isn't all that practical.

  2. This is super pretty looking but this particular one definitely is really too light as a blush for most people. I have one of their fleur blushes but in the regular version and the pigmentation is much better. Glad to hear that you're going to get use out of this for a setting powder! It's super pretty to look at though, looks sort of like a marshmallow!

    1. Ha, I won't bother using it because I don't use peach colored setting powder(more like I don't use setting powder period?) and the flyaway is crazy.


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