Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Face Stockholm Lipstick in Peony Pink

Face Stockholm is one of those niche brands that I only know through beauty blogs. They have a tiny closet in Columbus Circle in which every cream blush tester has a healthy dose of lint.  I visited the said closet (to check out the cream blush, duh) and bailed immediately because I didn't like the packaging (it's a dealmaker/breaker for me).  That sums up my experience with the brand.

Anyway, the lipstick Peony Pink was a gift from Dalenna (whose undertone is different enough that lipsticks don't work for her usually turn out very flattering on me).
Peony Pink is a crazy bright magenta (that shows up even cooler on my skin). Luckily, it's not a grandma mauve thanks to the strong dose of purple. The bullet is slightly harder than MAC lipsticks but goes on smoothly. I think it has a plastic smell or maybe it's just the way base being heated up by summer
 Peripera Pink Butter(this will turn much purple after it's on the skin for a while). Peony Pink and Estee Lauder Pink Dragon.

Peony Pink is a color that make my skin really bright. The formula isn't moisturizing, during or slippery but I messed up a little around the edges(because it's too bright and I like to load on lipsticks in general).

The color doesn't stay fresh for long but the stain it leaves behind is quite stubborn. Anyway, maybe I will try it on top of a lip balm so it wouldn't require so much commitment.


  1. There used to be a nice boutique on Columbus avenue and they disappeared like many UWS stores. I was sad because the store made me reminiscent of the early years in the U.S. (I used to "play" there a lot), then I was happy to find out they moved in to the TW. I used to really like their base makeup but unless they have improved their formula dramatically there would be cheaper options out there.
    I really like this color on you. It is stunning! I too always mess around the edges when I wear full coverage lipsticks otherwise they just look weird. ;/

    1. I think I will go back to check out their cream blush again(there is nothing quite like shanghai) and hope there won't be as much lint on the testers. I think I used to put a lot of efforts for lip colors I love but with a hard to work with formula, nowadays I just slap on tinted lip balm and play with eyeshadow instead.

  2. Hey Citrine,

    Yeah, this lipstick is best layered over lip balm and, word of caution, it stains then too!!! I thought the balm would dampen the staining but nope, it didn't. Learned my lesson the hard way showing up to yoga class with crazy bright fuchsia lips. My yoga instructor giggled at me xD


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