Monday, August 31, 2015

Wet n Wild Color Icon Lip Gloss - Venice Beach Collection

Wet n Wild released a few of these Popsicle colored lip glosses in their Venice Beach Collection -  Since I haven't bought many lip gloss in quite a while, I grabbed three from this collection (since they were 40% off on top of being already affordable),as they were the only three left.
The gloss comes in a light weight plastic, overall the lip gloss looks clean cut and sleeker than the products from the permanent range. 
The three shades I have are Will You Bloody Marry Me? (what an attitude), Lying on the Sand-Gria and Appltini of My Eyes
Will You Bloody Marry Me is a Punchy Red with tiny fleck-like sparkles. I think they all have some sort of fruity scent that's not really bothersome (so I forgot what they smell like).   
Lying on the Sand-Gria is a bright orange - Equally sheer and comes with same kind of glitter

Appletini of My Eyes is a bright yellow-green - Of course these kind of shade usually just tone down and warm up my lip color- turning it into a paler pink! All of them has a light, watery jelly texture that's very comfortable and easy to wear. The formula generally reminds me of an watered-down take on the Sally Hansen Lipnotic Gem Gloss, as it's sheerer in color, more watery and contains less sparkle. Given that Wet n Wild contains more product per tube, I guess I am not being doped.

Overall: They are fun, cheap and give some relief when I need some moisture on my lips. I think I will pick more up if they are still available (preferably on sale).

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