Tuesday, July 28, 2015

DHC Eyelash Tonic & Moisture Fruit Foaming Wash

This week you will see a deluge of mini-reviews because I am determined to clear out my draft folder. I think I will try to group different product reviews just to save myself some time/brain juice.

Earlier this year I finished up my (third tube of) L'Oreal Lash Serum, since the other American drugstore versions (namely the Wet n Wild and Rimmel) aren't available anymore where I shop, I decided to opt for Japanese (drugstore?) brand DHC.  
The DHC Eyelash Tonic is a clear-serum type of product housed in a mascara tube with spoolie. The texture is more serum-like (not jelly like the L'Oreal) and goes on essentially clear and clump free. The attached spoolie is small so I find it more difficult to reach the root of my lashes (without touching my skin). On the bright side, it doesn't sting at all when it gets into the eye.

I like to use it on my brow as it's light (never scrumbs or balls up) and has a setting effect like a brow gel. I do notice some conditioning/strengthening action going on, as it speeds up new growth on the small bald patches (I have a pulling problem). Overall it's a great product if you want some lash serum that doesn't goop up or sting, it just becomes muddy really quickly due to the small spoolie (as I have to rub it onto my skin to get the product on) and clear tube.

 Look, it was also the cosme.net winner in the lash growth department...nine years ago (speaking of holding on to past glory).

I bought it from eBay seller alphabeautyUK (based in Hong Kong), who now has a online store  http://www.alphabeauty.net/, it's quite competitive against AdamBeauty since they carry newer releases more quickly and has brands like Canmake. The heavier items like foaming cleanser are priced lower (Adam Beauty factors shipping into each item then charge 2 dollars for registered mail).  Oh, their layout is also much more user-friendly.
The Moisture Fruit Foaming Wash was a find from Marshalls (I thought it was such a good deal at 5 bucks) - It came out as a total dud. The scent isn't fruity and the foam is one of the most pathetic one I have ever seen, as it disappears within seconds. On the face, it manages to not cleanse well (so I can never rely on this to clean off Japanese sunscreen) and leave a film afterward.

Normally I just demote product like this as a hand wash...It still works terribly as a handwash because the bubble would only last through the first "Happy Birthday to you". Well, I will use it up somehow...I am just really glad that I didn't get a back-up because it was a "good deal".


  1. LOL. You do the birthday song when you wash your hands? Me, too! (high five? ;D)
    Thanks for telling us about the DHC lash serum and where you shop. I think the Japanese mascara that I recently opened makes me lose more eyelashes than others although I love the effect. I might need to start using a serum like this. Finding another mascara would be another option, though. ;p

    1. Well, but my own happy birthday hand-washing ritual part is kind of defeat the purpose though, because sometime I go through it super fast (still not fast enough for this foam, I suppose).

      P.S. Sometime I am a little hesitant sharing the shopping sources (especially if it's personal shopper type or some store in rakuten, what if I deplete the source? Then again it's fine because I am not a big-time blogger anyway...Plus alphabeauty does restock frequently).


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