Monday, July 11, 2011

L'Oreal Double Extent Mascara with Lash Serum

L'Oreal is one of the first drugstore brands to jump into the lash growth serum bandwagon and it is successful enough to attract follow-up from other brands(Wet n Wild released one this spring and Rimmel is coming up with their version due this summer). I managed to snatch a promotional twin pack before it's phased out (you can still purchase both items individually).
L'Oreal Double Extent Mascara has been around for quite a while but the version with Lash Serum only came out last spring. I personally can't tell any difference between this and the old version: Both come with a white primer that extends the length by quite a bit, while at the same time hardens and clumps (if you don't comb it out right away). The mascara side works alright by itself but when I use it to coat/cover up the white primer, it flakes and chips.

Overall: Crazy length with the added bonus of spider feet.No actual lash lengthening (since it's not applied to the follicles).
While the mascara was a waste of money, the Lash Boosting Serum turned out to be quite a gem. There is a canoe-shaped applicator that houses product(the liquid-gel serum)both on the surface and in the cavity, you can chose to either use the non-pokey tip to use it on the lash line or the body to run through lashes. The lash serum gave me some noticeable (but not drastic) lengthening within the first week of use, it also have been making my lashes slightly fuller, thicker and mostly importantly, stronger (I get less fall-out when I pull them).

Overall: It works!


  1. Thanks for the reviews Citrine. I bought the Lash Boosting Serum too and was pleasantly surprised that it worked. The instructions say it can be used under mascara but I wouldn't, it looks awful lol.

  2. I'm so tempted to try this because I've been wanting to use a 2-step mascara for the longest time. It just seems to cool to apply a coat of primer and then the mascara. I have the lash serum as well and while I do think that it works, I actually achieved better results with the Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara. It made my lashes amazingly long.

  3. Kalmo:
    I think the gel could be rather thin/invisible for girls who can control themselves...I personally always overapply so the method doesn't work for me.

    Maybe you try those fiber based primer from Japanese drugstore brands (shiseido has one as well). I have tried several of these double sided ones by Maybelline or L'Oreal, none of them worked.


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