Friday, July 10, 2015

Coral Crush & Melon Mania - Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm

Here is a really short review that has been staying in the draft folder for months (I might need to go on a no-buy until I finish reviewing everything I have). I have already reviewed Maybelline's regular Baby Lips so this will be really short (as the formula is the same).
Coral Crush and Melon Mania are two limited shades that have been released and released at least 3 times since 2011 (don't quote me). Anyway, it was released last fall then ended up in the clearance bin of Rite Aid (so I grabbed them for around 2 bucks a piece).
Coral Crush is an orange coral and Melon Mania is a punchy bright pink (with pulls cooler on my skin, as always). As I mentioned, the original Baby Lips have a thin, somewhat slippery and waxy formula that seals in the the moisture alright but doesn't actively hydrate. It's doesn't do much during winter and can even be drying as soon as the waxy layer wear down.
Coral Crush - this has the same smell as that Gleaming Coral (Baby Lips Crystal), like orange soda.
Melon Mania smells like artificial fruit (I don't remember since I don't reach for it very often)

Anyway, they are nice wearable tint for the (hot and humid) summer and they are cheap, so I like them for what they do and will likely to repurchase if there is a new shade that's interesting enough.

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