Thursday, June 04, 2015

Sultry Samba - Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick

Sultry Samba, along with Carnival Spirit (coral orange in the shine formula)were two of the four lipsticks from Revlon Summer 2014 collection (done by Gucci Westman). I planned to get the two as soon as I saw them (as I have a hoard-them all policy with Revlon's coral/orange/bright pink). I waited and waited for the CVS sale (6.99 a piece with a few extra bucks) to come along...and it never did.

So many months later, the shade got added to the permanent line up (that usually just makes thing less desirable for me). Having read Lena's review, I decided to just grab it during a 40% off sale at Rite Aid.
Sultry Samba is a bright hot pink. Compared to my first/only other Revlon matte pink lipstick Stormy Pink(tossed soon after the review), Sultry Samba is brighter, juicier, less pasty (in terms of color and finish).

The blush analog of this would be Photoready Cream Blush in Flush, as they share the punchy tone and sorbet like sheer-matte finish.
L'Oreal Matte Gloss Fuchsia Amnesia, Sultry Samba, Lip Butter Sorbet, Sweet Heart (balm stain), Sweet Tart (the one I swatched was the light-medium Pink from Almay but I insist they are the same thing) and Essence Colour Crush.
Sultry Samba (a layer or two/sorry for the flakes) While the stick is somewhat hard and each layer yield a sheer, frosted layer of color. I have read several reviews that dismissed the formula as "too sheer", but I personally found (more like I agree with Lena) that the lighter intensity goes very well with the color. It's bold, flattering without being over-the-top.

 I like how the texture is still continuous enough (it doesn't crumb into little pieces, get patchy or smear/slip like other cone-y mattes)to cover the whole lip, in a very even layer of tint. The formula is rather weightless and doesn't feel like it's there. In a way, it feels better than many other Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks in creme finish.
Opacity can be reached if you go over the lips a few more times. The lipstick layers well (without getting gunky) and still wears rather comfortably. It just looks extra purple because my lips are...purply.  Lasting power is very good as the dry formula stains a little and doesn't travel as I drink. 

Overall: I think I kind of love it (I didn't want to remove it and hop to another lipstick after taking swatch pictures).  I am sad that this is one of the last gems by Gucci Westman (who left Revlon this past April. No wonder the recent releases are so out of whack).
I think these are apple blossom. The fruit is growing right now.


  1. Thanks for the link love! <3 :)
    Sultry Samba looks beautiful on you. It sure looks a bit different but beautiful nonetheless. I think this is the nicest thing about lipsticks with some sheer quality. It works with our own beauty, rather than completely masks.
    It is too bad about Gucci Westman leaving Revlon. I liked all her collections. ;-/

    1. Yeah, I was wondering why everything started to look so lackluster since fall 14 (normally I want at least 2 lipstick from their new releases/limited edition)...It's such as shame since Revlon is the main reason (I like Maybelline lippies as well but the packaging is not a nice)I didn't see the appeal for higher end lip products. It would just be 4x the price and equally nice formula and a different shade...

      Now without her, I started to jump onto the 10-20 range...

  2. My favourite all time collection is the spring summer 2012 Escapism collection. My HG lip gloss, Revlon colorburst lip gloss in Bellini. Sadly stupid Revlon decided to discontinue it and the lip butter range too. None of their new stuff piques my interest. Their foundations and lipsticks aren't as good as they used to be. Too many reformulations especially with the new colorstay foundation formula now.

    1. Bellini looks like a really flattering nude! I do think they discontinued way too many great products (they they pretty much just donated a dozen of their lip butter to almay)but anyway.I don't think they are going to pick up the game so I am all ready to move on.


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