Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Peripera Butter Pang Pink Butter

The Butter Pang (I might have missed something by not knowing Korean...Is it supposed to sound like smacking?) is another item mom got me from her trip to Korea.
The packaging is equally juvenile but the relative simplicity is easier on my eyes. I mean, it's plastic but it feels thicker and more solid than lip balms from Nivea and Maybelline. Anyway, I kind of like that it gives a satisfying snap-click when I close this.

There are three colors in this range, a clear soft pink that adapts to your pH, an orange peach and this bright juicy pink call Pink Butter. I suppose this also has that skin-adapting chemical (forgot the name but it's the same one used by different brand, that's why they all turn glaring blue-pink on me) because it appears brighter and stains a little.
Pink Butter has a thicker jelly-balm formula (kind of like Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment but more condensed/solid without the slip and wobbly)that deposit a nice, thick (enough)layer of tint. It has a plush translucency but it stays on the lip much better than all the tinted balm and many of the sheer lipsticks I have tried. The smell is a synthetic peachy floral that's much more pleasant than the plastic-sweetness from the Peritint Crayon.
Pink Butter, Peripera Peritint Peritint Crayon Fruity Mint and Maybelline Baby Lips Crystal in Pink Quartz

 Butter Pang Pink Butter on Lip. The shine has a decent staying time for a balm (within an hour) and when it wears off, the tint remains. The color is nice and bright...I am just sick of these translucent hot pink from all the pH changing products.

Anyway, I really like the formula but I don't think I will be repurchasing, as the cheapest option from eBay is around 9 bucks (I thought 5 is my mental max, 3 is more like my idea of reasonable price). Unlike Peritint,this isn't available at Urban Outfitters.


  1. Holy cow, I can never pull off that gorgeous pink but it looks so luscious on you!

    1. It's way too k-pop for daily wear anyway, now I am boring and wear fresh tinted balm in rose extreme(same tint as rose, just smells like roses instead of lemon cream)everyday.

  2. Haha, I'm not so sure what "pang" exactly means (a native Korean here;;), but I think you're right. It seems onomatopoeic (either smacking or bursting).
    The color looks gorgeous and it sounds like it comes with a nice formula, but I agree the price should be cheaper. ;)

    1. I think the main reason that I am not that interested in Korean makeup is the price point(well, the k-beauty trends don't have that much effect on me anyway. I once stopped by thefaceshop and saw their palette for almost 30 bucks....and to me it looks like it should be 5 bucks at the most.


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