Friday, April 10, 2015

Peripera Peri Tint Lip Crayon in Fruity Mint

Peripera Peri Tint Lip Crayon was one of the two (or three, if you count that chopstick/spoon set that's sitting on my kitchen counter like an eyesore. See, I am really particular about my kitchen wares) my dear mother got me during her trip to Korea. Sometime, it's nice to try out these kind of products (I would otherwise never pick up) because you might find a whole new territory. Well, it's not the case with this one but I do like a few other Peripera items.
Well, the first throw-off was the packaging. While it's light-weight, has a solid construction and a cute-crayon box. The whole thing just seems way too juvenile for me (I might like it if I were in 3rd grade) with the cute (I personally don't find it cute, but I see what they are aiming for). Mint green is normally one of my favorite colors and I do have a thing for green glosses: This rubbery shade just doesn't look like something I rub it onto my mouth. Luckily, it doesn't stay rubbery green once it make contact to my skin.
Peripera Peri Tint Lip Crayon in Fruity Mint is another one of those thing that adjust to your body chemistry...In my case, they always turn into an in-your-face hot pink (actually this one is so hardcore that it turned purple). While I do like hot pink lip colors, I am frankly quite sick of these kind of translucent pH-adjusting products. They usually all look the same and forces you to commit to this shade for the rest of your day.

 If it weren't for my personal preference, the Peri Tint Crayon is not shabby at all: The stick is slightly harder but the formula is somewhat like the original Maybelline Baby Lips. It's slippery, glossy that it would provide some moisture (more like wetness) when your lips are in decent condition (like this particular day) but when the waxy part wears off (and the stain stays), it feels very drying and uncomfortable.

When the "balm" part is wiped off (and followed immediately by Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm) the stain actually looks rather nice very typical "Korean makeup"...If you know what I am talking about.
By the way, Fruity Mint does have a crisp artificial fruity scent that's pleasant enough but I think it's mainly there to cover up the strong plasticky/waxy base smell (which is equally strong as the fragrance)...
A spy cam picture from Urban Outfitter. I don't know how they keep the stick so clean if people do use it (mine just looks all gross with the purple layering on top of green).
Swatch of the other available shade (so my hand was really dry that day). I would totally get the coral or the orange to play with (as I mentioned, the product and packaging quality aren't shabby at all) if it wasn't so overpriced ($14) here in the store.
More spy cam pictures of their cheek/lip tint.
Cute lip balm in funky shades. Again, I feel like I am decades too old for these.


  1. Ah, the memories! I still remember my mom's green lipstick bullet that turned into a blazing red.
    They are cute (literally), but you're right. I'd hesitate to pull out a pencil like this without feeling a bit awkward. ;-)

    1. Sometimes I assume that my mom just thinks I am 12 whenever she buys me stuff. She tried wintercloth shopping for me a while ago and her picks (I went God no before she actually got anything)further confirmed my theory.

  2. Yes, the pricing on Korean beauty products at UO is a bit ridiculous, isn't it? At least you can swatch in store and then order what you want from Amazon or eBay :D I think this Peripera crayon looks beautiful on your lips, but then most products seem to look fabulous on your pout :)

    1. I always wait for good lip days then I do swatchathon(they look like prune a good deal of time during this past winter)....oh, rimmel products look like line fest no matter how hard I try.

      Anyway, I do apreciate all the tester at urban outfitters but their pricing just made me wonder"they know we can order online right?" (consider those Korean brands are online for many parts of us).

  3. Omggg I want to get it for the mint green. Haha

    1. Well, if you have a few bucks (like 10 in US?)I think it was fun but all of my peripera (just two actually) ended up smelling like plastic after a year. So I totally didn't get tempted when I saw their glosses and tint at TJmaxx a few weeks ago.


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