Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Too Faced Absolutely Flawless Flexible Coverage Concealer & Tinted Beauty Balm

Too Faced Absolutely Flawless Flexible Coverage Concealer was picked up last year (as a filler) - I like the tiny 8g tube and (even though I have 2 concealers I like and reach for) it seems like I could use an extra one with squeeze tube.  The black tube with cursive writing and gold details seems adorable but the golden parts get rubbed/scratched off easily now my tube is all black and purple writing (things like this bugs me quite a bit, especially this isn't a drugstore brand like Wet n Wild).
Absolutely Flawless Concealer has a thick fluid (not creamy or pasty) consistency that flows out with some pressure but doesn't run or leak. It somewhat reminds me of that one by Hard Candy Heavy Duty Concealer  (thar formula is oilier and it separates) but it doesn't break me out like a firework...Ok, this one doesn't break me out at all...In Texas fall (still quite warm but at least I didn't get sticky doing nothing) or New Jersey winter.
One thing I really like about this concealer is that it really gives a flexible coverage/ All I need is a rice grain sized bit for all the post-acne/post-picking hyperpigmentation on my face. The color barely diffuses as I pad the edges to blur out the mini-glob and stays thin and potent. A little bit of powder would definietly prolong the wear time but since it's so cold and dry up here (which helps everything stays, from cream blush to curled lashes), I haven't been bothering with it...
(Went to ULTA for a quick swatch) Vanilla, Perfect Nude and Honey. I guess my shade is between Vanilla and perfect nude but I didn't want to bother with buying two shades and mixing them. For covering dark, bruised shade scar. The warm toned perfect nude works well enough and doesn't look unnatural or mask-like.  

Verdict: I like it a lot but foresee no  repurchase (as if I need one for the next 3 years) due to the packaging. I mean, I always assume that for products in general, different part should wear off at a similar rate.
In my order, I also received a small tube of Tinted Beauty Balm so I tried it a bit. Somehow, they decided that since I picked the medium shade of concealer, I should wear the darkest one for BB cream...Anyway, the Beauty Balm is nice, moisturizing and comfortable.

The finish is quite natural (as it gives close to zero coverage) and it blends almost seamlessly (if it weren't for the drastic shade difference) in to a nice round pad of mud-blush on my cheek. The BB cream is very yellow-toned, lightweight and gives a little sheen. I find it quite helpful as an last-minute under eye moisturizer, since it balances out the under eye darkness and smooth out the dry lines quite well. I wouldn't buy it but at least it has some use.

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