Friday, July 20, 2012

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer

I got this Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer last years after reading some glowing reviews (or were those weekly/monthly favorites?) and here is my review for it.
Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer
Packaging - The concealer comes with a nicely squeezable (but not too soft that it becomes a leaking hazard) tube, long pointy dispenser with a small opening (that it doesn't dispense too much for what you need) and a black, textured lid that's a little bit of a dust-magnet. There is also a freebie China-made concealer pencil that I didn't bother to touch, since it looks pokey and considerably darker than the tube concealer.

Price - The 6-dollar price tag is more-than-reasonable, consider the generous amount of product in the tube (a whooping 20 grams) and the fact that each time you only need the tiniest bit for your whole face. A whole tube would last you a lifetime, theoretically. The reality is that, my tube started to separate in just two months, (stored in a cool and dry place, as I never liked it enough to bring it out) becoming very watery and totally unusable a few months later.

Shade Selection -  There are three shades available: Light, Medium and Tan (which was not available when I was there, but from online pictures, it seems that the range lacks shades for medium to deep skin tones). I picked up Light (even though Medium is closer to my summer tan, it appears way too yellow), thinking that it would look natural with some blending. Well, it's still quite pasty for my skin tone in August so I had to wait a little (till October) for my tan to fade.  When yellow-base shade is blended out, it lightens and becomes less warm. 

Formula - As I mentioned, this is incredibly intense, I only needed the size of a grain of rice for my whole face. Not that I get full coverage with it, it's more like it will cake like mofo if I use more than that. The thick (oily, as lanolin is the second ingredient, after petrolatum) texture, flattens out and loses its intensity as soon as it's blended out on the face so I found the only way to make it (sort of) work is using minuscule amount, pressed in (avoiding any rubbing). 
 Glamoflauge Showcasing and its (in)ability to cover up my mole- No way in hell I am putting this on my face...

Because of its high diffusivity, I found that the only thing it truly covers is the spots on my cheeks (something that never bother me). On my plummy brown or bruise tone acne marks, it actually draws more attention to them by making them appear black and creating an oil field on my face after a few hours of wear (the cakey finish doesn't help either) - That's what happens on a good day. 

Most of the times when I wore it,  it created zits at the exact spots where it was applied. Sometime last November (when I was finally pale enough), it decided to be nice to me and stayed nonreactive for days. So I used it for a whole week, to thoroughly test it out...At the end of the week. BOOM. A firework of pimples on my face...

Overall: While I might have made it sound horrible, it's actually an amazing concealer for under eye. Not only the thick, emollient formula keeps the delicate area free of dry lines, the spread-out layer offers just enough coverage and brightening. In a nut shell, it was the perfect cover-up for pink eyes I got.

And how did I get those pink eyes? Allergic reaction to a big patch benzoyl peroxide.
Why a big patch of benzoyl peroxide? To calm down a big patch of pimples.
Want to guess how I got the massive patch of pimples? 


  1. Love the pic! I've always wondered how this was since too many people rave about it. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to find a match for my skin tone :/

    1. I think the reviews are actually pretty divided in Makeup alley, people either really love it (most people who reviewed it?) and a good deal of people said that this give them horrible break-out. In my case the caking part was pretty bad as well, but that happens to most foundation/concealer I use so it might not be that big of a deal breaker for others.

  2. I have this and it just turns gray on me. For reference, I'm a MAC NC35 and I have the shade medium. Other bloggers with darker skin tones can use medium just fine. What undertone would you say this concealer has? I want to make it work because I have so much product left!

    1. I actually think the lightest is neutral to pink toned (even though it looks yellow straight out of tube)while the medium looks really yellow to me (not sure how it turns out after blending though).

  3. Well looks like I won't be trying this out anytime soon, lol. I've been using this Neutrogena Clear Pore cleanser with 5% benzoyl peroxide too, if I use it every night my face gets unnaturally red, back to every other day for me -_-


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