Thursday, December 25, 2014

Physicians Formula Gentle Cover Concealer Stick

Physicians Formula Gentle Cover is an unassuming little tube of concealer in its own little corner of their overall flashy display. If it were for the 7 extra bucks discount/rebate (the concealer itself is a wee over 7 bucks), I don't think I would have ever gotten it. Now think of it, I guess this is the reason I have accumulated this much craps in my room...
 The concealer comes in a lightweight plastic tube and the bullet doesn't retract all the way down, annoying but I will get over it since it's free. The texture is a little too slippery for my liking but with a bit of dusting powder, this manages to stay where it's supposed to, without diffusing or disappearing. The lightest shade seems to have a neutral or slightly cool lean so it fits my skin tone well enough, after some blending. I think this does fade faster than other concealer due to the slippery texture, but at the very least it doesn't aggravate break out. 
 Took the swatch from an older post. Anyway, I think this concealer is alright. It works okay, especially for how much I (didn't need to) pay but I am more likely to just use up my Covergirl (I have a backup and I brought it with me to New Jersey!) or repurchase the Essence one (it much have been 3 years and I am still not finished with it)...Wait, I hope they have ULTA here. So, yeah...I tossed the PF concealer.


  1. LOL. Love the ending! ;D
    But seriously, I need to do this kind of thinking to par down my stash - simpler approach. There are so many good-enough products, so it is easy to pile up.
    Having said all that, I do need at least one concealer in my life. Right now I'm just using the Revlon Photoready with a tiny concealer brush.

    1. Well, since I was trying to squeeze everything for my move, which is 1carryon, 1 checked, 1 backpack (I still have a box of ink/perfume/favorite nail polish to fedex here though) so now I am really big on consolidation...Especially for concealer when 1 tube technically lasts for at least half a year (my essence one lasted for 3) and they are not even the fun one. I think I just tried my Too Faced concealer with a tiny watercolor brush yesterday and I really like it!


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