Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Paul & Joe Lipstick in Once Upon a Time

 So I take that the related widget is not going to fix itself, eh? Anyway, I was holding off the review for weeks, thinking it will start working again pull out all my pretty Paul & Joe pictures as related post. I guess that's not happening for a few months...So let me insert an abrupt "Ha! Look! My previous Paul & Joe lipstick" .
 Paul & Joe Once Upon a Time was a limited edition release from the fall 2013 Fairytale Collection. I totally planned to get it (because I need another orange-red lipstick like I need a third love handle). Then something stopped me.

The name of the collection kept reminding me of that song from Eurovision, every time I think of  it, Alexander Rybak (is it just me or does he looks like Annabelle?) would start wailing "I am in love...with a FAIRYTAeeeele" in my head. It was all too much for me to handle so I didn't think of the collection much. I need help...

Fast forward to present time. Dalenna (you all should know who she is by now, the blogging friend for I-don't-remember-how-many years? Anyway, here is her reviews on Paul & Joe lipsticks)  read that I like opaque orange. She added the barely-used (and sanitized) lipstick among the pile of tea baggies...I became a happy old lady with new toys(Did I mention I just bought more needles and alpaca yarn?).
Back to the lipsticks - Paul & Joe basically keep the formula (while revamping the packaging). Each swipe is lightweight but watery. Near full coverage can be built up with a few swipe and there is very fine shimmer through out the whole stick. The shimmer isn't chunky or frosty and it just create a polished and glowy finish.
Some of my brightest oranges side by side (I didn't include ones with red lean) Shiseido Day Lily, Once Upon a Time, Revlon Siren, Revlon Rendezvous, Maybelline Oh Orange, Revlon Tutti Frutti. The reason that the shade didn't work for Dalenna was that the color turned out to be an in-yo-face yellow orange on her (I totally thought it was reddish coral from all the promo and blog pictures)... Well, the same thing happened to me as well. Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise because the color, as yellow as it is, actually ended up being quite flattering.

The formula is moisturizing, even thought it wasn't marketed as a watery/jelly formula (there are some flakes on the lower lips but it was quite friendly towards the vertical lip lines). I think I will enjoy both the color and formula a lot for cooler days. This would go well with windblown skin, bulky brown sweaters and clear sky (I think I am trying to cosplay those Scawaii model, or just persimmons).
One more shot of the lipstick case. Cause it's cute.


  1. Hey Citrine!

    Oh what are you talking about? It's not Scawaii on you at all - it actually looks awesome! Damn! I guess as much as I love oranges some oranges sure don't love me LOL!

    Glad you like it though ^.^ Discovered any more teas you like from that stash?


    1. Yeah, I love all the green so far (I think I went through all of them? Haven't tried the individually packed loose ones though. Want to save them for rainy days) and that twining citrus tea bag is definitely on the to-buy list (smells just like orange soda, minus the over-sweetness). Anyway, my TJ maxx is clearing out some boxed tea and snacks (to make space for those holiday bulks) so I get to sample some supposedly gourmet tea for a dollar a box! So far they have been meh, but I guess it's alright for flavored water!

  2. Oooh, that's super pretty on you! The formula sounds nice too. I really need to get around to actually wearing some Paul & Joe lipsticks rather than collecting them. ;) Thanks for the review and swatches!

    1. You totally should give them a try (you don't have to use your pretty cases for the refill). I think Paul & Joe is pretty great at doing lip products. I have tried their lip lacquer, gloss and lipstick and they are so worth it.


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