Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sampling - Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

During my small Too Faced Haul, I totally planned to buy the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (the giant pink metal tube is pretty and I like gimmicky name). Anyway, as I put the full-sized and mini set in my shopping cart, I noticed that another (free) mini mascara was automatically included in the order(after a certain amount is reached). 

If I just follow my original plan, I would end up with 2 minis and one full sized of the same thing...
If I like the mascara. Great, I will be stuck to the same one for a whole year (just assuming that I only opens a new mascara when I finished the old one). If I don't like it...Well, so I switched to a concealer instead.
The deluxe sample contains 4.6 grams of product (which is half the volume of my current mascara). There is no pretty embossing on the pink metal tubes but at the very least, the brush seems full sized.

The normal test tube brush is trimmed wavy (So that it looks like a sex toy? Because I frankly don't see how it's going to enhance my lash experience). I need to be really careful with this (means, using the just the tip/longer part only) because if I try to reach the roots of my lashes with the middle/concave part, the longer bristles on both side would just poke/touch my eyelids and leaves smudges there. Oh, I also need to scrape of the excess as it tend to build up at the tip of the wand.
As for the mascara - I do like the formula, which is neither too goopy, clumpy nor dry. The color is inky and the formula is able to fully coat my lashes and give some length and a good deal of volume, like a feathery fan. There might be some small bump but I think for people with naturally longer/curlier lashes, this would have more room to as it fan out.

Well, if you compared to the picture of my bare lashes that I posted yesterday, you can see there is a lot of volume being added. So even though unnaturally thick and dark lashes is not really my thing (I am usually too lazy to do a full look so it can look out of place), I still appreciate the drama it gives...

My problem with this mascara is the flaking (on lids and lower eyes), which starts appearing after 3 hours of wear, 2 more hours later (yes I went out to the library with the flakes on)...It transitioned into a uniformly dark, raccoon eyes...Since the mascara has a neutral black, I can't even try to pass it on as natural dark circle. When I tried it for the third time (applied only on upper lashes and I used some mattifying sunscreen underneath)...It raccoon eyes still appeared.

Overall: Unfortunately this was a fail for my oily lids (it washes off very easily with just a regular foaming cleanser though). I am glad Too Faced included this sample, so I have saved 23 dollars. I can just spend it on brands like Majolica Majorca or Kiss Me instead.
 Added: So this is why the wand is curved (inspired by somebody's bust-waist-hip ratio and to separate, coat and curl lashes...) And how did they come up with the 1944% number...Why not 1945?


  1. Thanks for the review, too bad it flakes! ^^

    恵美より ♥

  2. LOL. Um, but our lashes aren't shaped like bust-waist-hips. What the heck. And something about the way you propped up TEH SEX up in a tree branch has me cracking up. I guess I won't be trying this one anytime soon.

    1. Oh GOD, I literally just realized what the branch looks like...I swear it was unintentional (because I am one of those people who insists that they are really funny) or I would be sure to "causally" bring it up...

      Wait, did I make another wiener joke...Too much tea today.


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