Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kiko Ultra Glossy Stylo SPF 15 in Red Coral

Kiko Ultra Glossy Stylo came from a carefully selected package from Lily's trip to France (How carefully selected you ask? Let's say I would have picked every one of those item up myself if I were there...). As the name suggested, it's a sheer, glossy and vanilla-scented (smells just like MAC) lipstick in a slick smaller-than-regular tube.
The tube is slightly tapered and made of black plastic with a little frost (while it doesn't get sticky like the rubbery NARS, it gets a little shinier thanks to my summertime hand of a salamander). The cap snap-shuts with a crisp click. 

The color she got was Red Coral (how predictable am I) - While the color reminds me of several Coral lip products I already own and love (Essence Candy Bar Gloss and Maybelline Coral Lustre lipstick). However, the texture and formula of Kiko are different so it look and feel (and better!) different on the lips. 
While the Ultra Glossy Stylo is sheer and gives a glossy shine, it has a creamy and rich feel that glides on the lips and offers a homogenous finish (no slip, no blotches or crumb).  It feels like a more expensive lipstick, how I imagine MAC slim shines to be like. The lasting power is what you would expect from a glossy-sheer lipstick, 2 hours before I had to drink.
Maybelline Coral Crush, Maybelline Pin Up Peach, Kiko Red Coral and Maybelline Coral Lustre...Sorry for the sunset-ish lighting. Since my point and shoot has got drowned (not thing tragic, my lunch box leaked) I have been trying to swatch with my DSLR instead (it has been hard to focus it with one hand).

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