Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mayfair - Rimmel Glam’Eyes Eyeshadow Quad

 The Mayfair Palette by Rimmel was an another product of impulse, because I am always curious about how different drugstore taupe shadow can be (unlike how coral lipsticks goes, the primarily findings show that a bunch of them/taupe shadows are kind of the same once on the eyes).  Anyway, beside the shimmery satin half-gray-half-brown (no-special nuance), there are also a shimmery neutral pink, matte chocolate and cream, which all seems safe for my dummy-hands.
The quilting and the crown were adorable touches, although not redeeming enough when there is that shiny black, mega-scratch-prone compact. It looked so beaten up after a brief trip in my messy drawer I no longer care about the how cute the palette is trying to be.

As for the shades - The taupe (which looks much better/still flat on the arm compared to one the eyes) was generic at best. The color adds a bit of depth but most of the time it just makes me look tired. The matte cream was actually pretty smooth and non-chalky for what it is. I think it would work well as a neutral highlighter. The softer pink is lovely as an (non-infectious) allover lid wash, it's like a softer/less metallic take on Maybelline's Inked in Pink Color tattoo. The matte chocolate was nice for what it is, I just have no clue how to use it (I stopped bothering with the powder-shadow-pushed-liner thing years ago). 
Texture wise - they were particularly powdery or smooth. Lasting powder is decent as along as a primer (not the one by Rimmel) is involved.  Overall: Meh about the taupe, the rest was alright. Probably won't reach for this palette all that often. It's not a bad palette, just a really boring one.

Let me tuck in some spy cam pictures at the end of the post. Saw another palette I was interested (I like the muted mint and dirty gold) but now I probably won't try it.
The new and revamped range of Salon Pro nail color.
Many of shades are the same as the ones from the older range. But I thought the cobalt blue and orange both look new.

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