Monday, July 08, 2013

Inked in Pink, Silver Strike & Gold Rush - Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal Eyeshadow

Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal were released late last year and I got three of the five available shades (I might go back for the beige, although I have enough primer already). Even though the metal formula doesn't look all that metallic compared to the normal color tattoo (for the metallic shades like gold/silver/bronze, both formulas seem equally reflective while the non-metallic ones are just shimmery) but the texture does seems less dense and easily-melted with finger dip.

As always, these Color Tattoo are easy to blend and once set, they last for 8 hours on my super oily lids. Some shades are smoother than others because the various sizes of shimmer particle.

Inked in Pink is a shimmery soft-medium pink with a tad bit of beige. The shade looks surprisingly neutral on me that I can use this (and pomegranate punk, with is reddish plum that gives a natural depth) for a simple and everyday look. The color also works lovely as a highlighter. If you just want one shades from the range, this would be the one.

Gold Rush is a bold yellow-gold (very much like the coats of Chinese emperors) with chunkier shimmer/glitter bits. The texture is nice enough (you do get some uneven bit if you layer too much) but I have no clue how to use coordinate with this shade because it's simply too in-your-face.
 The four warm metallic from Maybelline - Eventhough Bold Gold can be a tad chunky but it works wonderfully as a base for brown/taupe eyeshadow (the other two are two rich/pigmented as a base).
 Silver Strike is another no-clue-how-to-wear-it-but-got-it-anyway sort of stroke-like purchase. I suppose it's wonderful for the paper-pale girls as an allover lid shades. Anyway, I found a great way to use it during summer: A base for blue/purple or any eyeshadow that you want to give an icy effect to.
Silver Strikes as a base for blue, purple and teal powder eyeshadow (from left to right are 1. light minty blue and 2. shimmery blurple from Maybelline Blue Blowout palette,  3. pinkish lavender from Amethyst Ablaze palette 4. Jane Iredale lilac pigment and 5. L'Oreal Bronzed Taupe).

Overall: I like them all but I guess I will get the most use out of the pink one. Watch out for more Color Tattoo reviews since I went a little crazy over these (got six from the summer collection and found one from the fall 2012 collection).

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