Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hunting Down the Next Daily Bag

Unlike my mother (whose bag wardrobe would collapse like avalanche, if not opened properly), I am not crazy about clothes or bags (as I am into finer goods...I mean smaller items that I can hoard and clutter my room with. For example, my favorite clothing items are actually underwear, socks and tights.). For my daily bag, all I am asking for is something huge, has a solid build, is made of durable material and stitched evenly.

I didn't realize how hard it is to full-fill these criteria (given how little I am willing to pay) until I overexerted my trusted over-sized Roxy green bag with books, makeup (to take glamour shots of, just in case I pass by a really pretty area), two cameras and sometime 2L bottle of soda (whenever I caught them on sale, which is saying every freaking week)...So I end up having to either retire it or to wear it as a "hobo" bag.  Nowadays, it's impossible to find a solid-looking 20-dollar pleather bag that doesn't feel like plastic. So that's how the hunt began...

Really love how the leather feels, chocolate color, slightly chubby size (enough for camera and other junk) and the braiding detail of the Cole Haan. It was around 200 bucks, I suppose it was worth it but that price was way over my budget anyway. (My budget was 20 bucks *face palm*)
A Kate Spade part straw part leather bag for around 129 (cheap for Kate Spade?) - Should work well with sundresses and other light clothes but this would look ridiculous 70% of the year unless I move to Hawaii... 
Rebecca Minkoff - Very fine detail and it can be worn as a messenger or handbag (Want!). Of course, this was soon sold. 
Cutsy one from Ralph Lauren and perfect for the OCD gotta-match-them-all. I could use it with Revlon Sweet Tart Lip Butter, Raspberry Rhodia Webnotebook, Lamy Raspberry Al-Star (inked with Diamine Cerise)...Then I would probably get sick of this color in a week. 
Ok with the design but the leather is so soft (I think this is another Cole Haan)
Apple Green Kate Spade - Love the color, meh about the cut.
Really interesting dusty teal (looks more blue here) bag from Dooney & Bourke 
The cherry red one seems like it could be more versatile.
$100 Tote...
A very "Murica!" themed bag from Dooney & Bourke. I like this kind of print on makeup bag though.
Another bag that I considered buying (there are 2 in TJ maxx right now) because I like fruity green (and the charm!). The strap is a little to thin and I normally carry way too many junks for bag this size.
Schnauzer and four-leave-clover
That's all with my window-shopping trips. As you can tell, I didn't find a nice daily bag for my price range (not gonna tell you since you will laugh at me) so I ended up using one I had for years (mom bought it, love the look but it creates pretty bad back pain). Well, I will update once I do find something that I really like (and doesn't cost an arm and a leg).

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