Thursday, December 03, 2009

Just so you know

My camera got drowned (a bottle of Gatorade spilled and formed a big pool of water inside my bag, and my camera,uncovered, happened to be in that pool...)
At the moment I don't feel like buying a new camera just so that I can continue taking pictures of lip gloss and squirrels. Anyway, I will try to fix the problem, maybe I could use my cellphone take pictures of swatches (nah, I might as well draw lines with microsoft paint) ?

If the damn thing doesn't start working in a few days I think I will just have myself a little blogger break until I will a lottery or something (FYI, I never buy lottery)...Big sorry to my old/new/hidden readers.


  1. Sorry about your cam. I'm all about the fat kitteh pics though, so thank you for that :D

  2. Oh man, that sucks. Cameras can be so expensive...

  3. Pixie:
    Claudia totally need to go on a diet...

    Yeah, I was thinking that I could get a similar camera for around 50 bucks (since I got it for around a hundred something last year) but it turns out that sony didn't make anything cheaper, they just improve the resolution of camera on that same price range.

  4. But your cats cute

  5. Hi there:
    Yeah, nobody can say no to overweight cat lol.

  6. That's too bad. I'm sorry about your camera.

    Your cat is so cute!

  7. Gio:
    I think I will just find something else to blog about.

    P.S. She is my friend's cat, for one thing her meal money is probably 3x that of mine...


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