Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Milani Flash Light Shimmer Gloss Pencil

Another one of my clearance finds (don't we all love cheap toys?) Milani Flash Light Shimmer Gloss Lip Pencil (full coverage my...) is a shimmery orange-coral lip pencil that's not unlike the Stila and Urban Decay versions (though intensity wise it's much closer to Stila). The German-made pencil has a slight squishy (luckily it retained its solid form for the several times I have used it) stick and a semi-sheer, slight-tacky kind of glossy finish.
 Beside the gold sheen, there are also quite a bit of fuchsia shimmer, which can give it a punchy coral pink...Anyway, the overall color is warm enough so it doesn't turn hot pink on me. They might have overdone on the glitter part because the first two times I wore it, it felt a little itchy and uncomfortable...Then my lips just got used to it.
Milani Flash Light, Stila Orange, Revlon Continuous Coral, Rendezvous Balm Stain, Milani Mandarina
  Milani Flash Light spreads evenly and comfortably on the lips (it's not particularly quenching, but I am having a good lips day so no fine lines!) and it's essentially a less squishy and more opaque version of the Stila Glaze lip pencil (which I have already finished 2/3 of).  Overall: Get it while you can, it's worth the 2 bucks.


  1. Replies
    1. Haha, thanks...Although the only kind of comment I get when I do a straight face (I purse my lips for photos, subconsciously ...)is "What's wrong?" or "Why are you pissed?"

  2. I wish it was available here, it's such a gorgeous shade and so cheap!


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