Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Roses Are Pink - Here Are Some Wednesday Links

If you wonder what's with the recent slow-down of posting... 
1. I was a little uninspired as I am clearing out the unfinished reviews clogging up my blogger dashboard .  
2. My bike tiles are flat (the pump is broken), which prevents me from doing after-dinner drugstore trips.
3. My go-to spot for taking glamour shot has been/ is still haunted by a "henna ojisan" (aka an at-least 55 year old man who is trying to land a "submissive Asian girlfriend") who refuses to take hint. Yes, it's the same creep who took a picture of me then put the print-out on my bike. I thought it was funny (in a creepy way) back then, now it's just plain disturbing.

Now back to the post, here are random shots and some links I found interesting.
Pink rose on a sunny day (looks kind of Lancome, doesn't it?)
  Wild purple flowers

Swatches of the new Majolica Majorca Cream de Cheek

Canmake cream cheek clear series - Perfect flush-in-a-rush  

Lancome Sparkling Intoxication Palette (Oh the taupe goodness)

 Three looks with L'Oreal Shine Caresse Gloss/Stain by a Maeda Atsuko-lookalike

A Chinese cartoonist/illustrator on my radar- PP Sama (I love reading her Weibo tweets)

A series of ink inspired by composers - My favorites are Chopin and Tchaikovsky

(Can't believe I just found it) Paganini Concerto for the face

For the readers who understand Chinese - A new series called 100,000 Cold Jokes (I suppose it's the same type of anime like Gintama)


  1. hello my name is kátia!
    I have a blog and I'm from Portugal, I loved to see your blog! Very cute.
    I wonder if you're ever interested in doing a troquinha of makeup products, loved!
    Kisses hope you visit my blog!!

    1. Hi Katia,
      Thanks for visiting and the offer (I am guessing "troquinha" is a makeup swap/exchange, right? Since I couldn't get anything on google translate) ! Currently I am actually trying to slow down the makeup hauling but I would definitely let you know when I want to tries products from Portugal.

  2. Just reading about him makes me want to send you over some pepper spray! Hopefully you get your spot back soon, minus the creeping man. I've been seeing a lot on those L'oreal gloss stains too; I've been really into the Maybelline stain glosses so I wonder if the L'oreal ones will be better or worse!

    1. Actually I have never tried the Maybelline one (I didn't even buy the new shine sensational gloss), maybe I will catch up early next year. Anyway, I hope the L'Oreal glosses comes here before next year (when the beauty club balances zeros back).

      And thanks for the e-pepper spray, the mofo hasn't done anything physical yet because it's a public space in broad daylight (he just tries too hard to invite me to his apartment/dropping his phone number that I never asked for/talk to me like I am from a third-word country and ask me if I was fine because "Oh, you haven't show up for so long...". I could be reading things wrong but I find it disgusting when old white men tries to pick up Asian girls much younger than they are, as if we should be honored or something...

      I think I will just find another spot (the lake is technically right by the apartment complex he lives in) or go there in broad daylight. I still want to get some snaps down now the fall colors are in full swing.

  3. Been one of your silent readers for a while now. I particularly enjoy your drugstore visit photos. :)

    On the creepy dude... Man! Avoid the guy like the plague!! Also, they do have a sex offender registry online in some may want to check for that address. There was one living down the street where I previously lived and I definitely avoided the house.

    1. Oh, I guess it's time to buy a new bike bump (doing drugstore trips give me reason to exercise anyway).

      I suppose the registry would work (the system is down at the moment. boo)but I have a feeling that those kind of people (I have been harassed by a handful of old white men verbally and sometime physically) are just close-minded (attributed by the older age)to think that it's OK to go for the much-younger if she is Asian (aka, what they think the so called inferior race), as he was talking to me such a patronizing tone. That's very part is disgusting to me.


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