Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend Reading, Ducks and a Short Story

Four birds and an unintentionally photo-bombing duck

Yamada Midori's Gallery - The drawing of cat with camellia is my favorite!

History of Shiseido - An Editorial in Vogue China 

Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush in Flushed 

MAC Casual Colour Cream Blush

A duck mother-to-be
After all the duck/bird/bug (and some lip gloss) shooting, I returned to my bike and found this tucked below the seat... Head is covered because God-forbid that's an ugly shot I was wearing my default photo expression: Vacant + WTF  face.
Apparently, a man, who was tall, skinny middle age old (sorry I didn't wear my glasses, he is definitely older than 55) , dog walker who looked like a math professor I had - a MIT grad with an awkward sense of humor and whose wife dumped him for an accountant...The professor most definitely over-shared during class) just

1. Ran back home with the dog and came back out with a camera
2. Snapped the picture of me (I thought he was also shooting the ducks)
3. Ran home, imported the picture, printed it out (with photo paper = =...)
4. Came out again and tucked it in my bike (while I wasn't paying attention)

P.S. Now I need to go on a diet fast, those love handles...

Edited on October 14th - I posted the picture thinking it's someone's idea of joke (it's mad funny in a creepy way, no?) but subsequent encounters prove that he is a total creep. Basically the douche tried so hard to "invite me" to his apartment (during our 20-minute conversation), with lures such as alcohol, cool drawing of insects (cool, but I won't go to an old man's apartment just to look at that), soft drinks (wtf did he think I was 8?) and while he was looking at my camera, he went "Oh, that's a good camera...You know, I have a few extra stick-on screen protectors and I will give you one if you come to my apartment"

Except my very own (screen protector) is attached to my all time/while he was speaking.


  1. Um, that's a very creepy man LOL!! How long did he take to do everything from taking the pic and getting it printed for you?? Please do translate the Chinese writing on the photo for us. :)

    Also, you went to MIT? :D What did you major in?

    1. Oh, no I didn't go to MIT, (too dumb for that not to mention I have a disgr-Asian GPA), just a state college. It happens that we have quite a few great professors...There is even a Nobel price laureate(who always looked irritated whenever we bumped into him though, giving people a you-hopeless-mortals kind of face).

      I actually don't know how long it took him (I guess I don't keep track of time) and when he actually drops the picture on my bike(I guess the creepy part was that I wasn't paying attention all these time). So when I saw that, I was stoned for a few seconds then I thought "Uncle, are you just bored out your mind or something?"

      P.S. In Chinese, there is a phrase called Boredom-induced Ballache (闲得蛋疼), that sums up this situation.


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