Saturday, December 01, 2012

Feeling Artsy

The weekend random memory card dump is back again. This time, let's take a little trip to the museum!
 Indian Bronze Sculpture - Didn't have time to jot down the name...
Random woodcarving - Unfortunatly, the Chinese part of the museum exibition was rather small and uninteresting. Anyway, there was a divine collection that's made out of geometric arrangement of tiny mirror fragment. But it was a visiting collection so I couldn't take picture.(OK, I took one before a security guard came and stopped me = =...)
Indonesian Gold Jewelry (not the most intricate pieces in the collection but the lighting was the best)
Japanese lacquer wear - I believed the art form is called Maki-e?
Random (old) picture of a kingfisher bird I took two years ago.
Kitty from Pet's Mart
 For some reason I prefer Petco's normal stacking case, at least I can hear their purr.

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