Thursday, August 23, 2012

NYX Glam Collection , Physicians Formulas Eyelash Curler and New Lip Balms

Spotted at ULTA - NYX Glam Collections, which is full of glitter and frost. (I didn't swatch it since it was dark out already and I imagine this will become a sticky/sparkly mess to wipe off).

 (Taken a few weeks ago at CVS, the same display is also at ULTA now) Physicians Formula Eye Booster eyeliner with a freebie pink eyelash curler.
Happy Booster bronzer with a freebie pink lipstick
Now some Walgreens snaps - The Carmex Moisture Plus tinted lip balm is now on sale (BOGO at 2.99) but only the Peach shade is available. There is also a new orange flavored lip conditioner and a pomegranate lip balm (sweet tart flavor).
Burt's Bees Kokum Butter lip treatment (4.99 dollars a piece) 
Blistex moisture melt lip balm ($2.68)
Pond's makeup removal whips (they look new to me)

Cold cream and Cold cream cleanser (I thought Pond's cold cream is a cleanser?)

Random Ardell lashes twin pack at ULTA. I just found out today that most of the Essence products (not just the bigger Colour & Go nail polishes) have had a price raise. Their long-lasting lip gloss is now 2.99 (from 2.29) and their lipsticks, eyeshadow and brushes are all 50-70 cents more expensive.  I guess they price point is still quite competitive (and I have picked up a few cheap toys from clearance, those will keep me entertained for a while).


  1. Enticing new goodies from Carmex but as good as they look I can't bring myself to use them because my lips always get a negative reaction from their products! Such a shame because I really want to try that orange flavored one!

    1. I get the same kind of reaction (well, not a reaction, more like it just stings) from their stick-balm as well. The gel-tube of carmex is slightly better but I could do without the menthol/camphor. I found that their tinted balm contains little enough of their active ingredients so it's soothing enough without being aggressive so I still want to give the squeeze tube one a try (the pomegranate one, not so much), maybe it would be gentler?

  2. Oooh la la! I am loving the looks of the NYX glam collection. I might have to make a stop in Ulta this weekend.


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