Monday, July 16, 2012

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Lipstick I ♥ Rose

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Lipstick  in I ♥ Rose is one of the two new lipstick offerings from the brand - Each lipstick retails for around 9 dollars, I got it on sale for around 2.49. The shiny pink tube, as pretty as it looks, is one of the worst packaging I have seen in a while: Not only it's quite thin, light and scratch-prone, the paint around the edges started to chip off as soon as I open the outer plastic packaging.
While the lipstick appear rather solid, it becomes squishy with just a single swipe (not only the cute heart disappeared right away, I also got two holes on the stick after the swipe O_o),  it gets messy around the casting, even more so than Revlon lip butter. The overly-slippery color just sits on top of the lips without sinking/blending in or moisturizing but it doesn't look too bad when I give it sometime to settle. 
Lancome Rosebud, I ♥ Rose, Wet n Wild Don't Blink Pink, Maybelline Disco Pink -Just like the Happy Booster blushers, the lipstick smells amazing, albeit a little artificial. 
Physicians Formula Happy Booster Lipstick I ♥ Rose is more of a bright pasty Barbie pink (or hoochie mama pink). Many will find the look garish but I actually don't mind the dated (90s) sort of look, as long as I keep the rest of the face simple. 

Overall: Cheap packaging, cheap formula that's highly transferable (it reminds me of NYC rose kiss lip gloss) but I personally like the smell and the shade (since it's quite unique) for summer so I don't mind about the overall poor quality (at least it's an OK lipstick for the 2.49 I paid).


  1. The color looks great on you! It's unfortunite that the lippy is kinda cheap, their line of Happy Booster products are usually ok.

  2. I guess it's a good thing you get this on sale! The color it self is really pretty, also I'm loving that swatch of Wet n Wild Don't Blink Pink! I should give that a look. You made me lol when you described the color as a "hoochie mama pink"! ^_~

  3. It reminds me of those nicki minaj pink lips, definitely not my style ha ha!

    1. Many (over-generalization much?) would agree that Nicki Minaj is a Barbie and know, in one.

  4. The color looks good in the picture, but "pasty pink" does not sound good haha. Good thing I didn't buy any of these


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