Thursday, June 28, 2012

Philosophy The Color of Grace Shimmering Face Powder

Philosophy The Color of Grace Shimmering Face powder was from a Big Lot purchase a while back - While I generally don't feel much from the brand (It seems like a generic mass-market store brand material with very pretty exteriors), it's hard to say no to something this cheap (3 bucks) and this shiny...
The iridescent pale pink shimmery powder comes in a big pan (10g of product) and a substantial case (heavy plastic with metallic paint) and a sizable mirror. It's overall pretty well-made and not horribly scratch-prone. Of course, after a month of free-styled abuse (i.e I just let it hang around in my stash, bag and...the random makeup drawer), I did manage to get all the printed word rubbed off.
Amazing Grace, Jane Wisteria and MAC Moon River (the veined side only)- The texture of the Philosophy is very finely milled and silky, more so than the two other highlighter I own and it leaves a natural glow that doesn't look oily. (But once I blend them all out, they all look more or less the same so the fine texture really doesn't mean much).
I suppose this makes a wonderful highlighter (as well as a good touch up mirror) if they do about the repulsive scent. I am not sure what it is, it smells like a blend of heavy floral,  musk, cheap perfume, molten plastic...Something that reminds me of the 1RMB (around 12.5 US pennies back in the days) scented bead bracelet I used to buy when I was a kid (Yeah, I have always been a fan of cheap and useless craps)...

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  1. I love the look of the powder, very pretty! But what a shame about the scent!


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