Monday, May 14, 2012

Milani 3D Glitzy Glamour Gloss Leading Lady

Milani 3D Glitzy Glamour Gloss in Leading Lady (got it during a clearance sale a few months back) is an interesting copper-rose-plum blend and when you look at the gloss closely, it's more of a murky plum gloss base with small-sized glittery in reddish-brown, champagne and bright pink.
Leading Lady, Makemania Red Beige and elf Malt Shake - As with most high shine glosses, leading lady is a little thick and sticky but it's not so fluid that it travels everywhere.
On the lips, the complexity translates into a glittery rose beige that's surprisingly neutral and wearable. Overall: Pretty good for the (sale) price (around 2 bucks) but I suppose at normal retails it's too much for how little product the tube actually contains (around 2ml).


  1. Leading Lady looks beautiful on you. Im surprised it doesnt contain much product, only 2ml and its not travel size either?! Thats kinda ridiculous, but then it only cost 2 bucks

  2. I am a bit scared of anything with 3D as it'll make my lips quadruple its original size! LOL But I can't help want to try this! So pretty on your lips!

  3. That looks very pretty on you! But only 2ml? That's so little! But then again I can never finish a full-size lipgloss..

  4. Helz:
    I think all those maker of this kind of subtly glittery glosses (MAC cremesheen gloss, Sally Hansen lipnotic gem gloss and a stila spring release) uses this kind of refractive packaging so even when the tube looks chubby, there are very few product inside, I am guessing it's a way to make people repurchase.

    I don't think 3D is what you are affraid of, since everything in this world is 3-dimentional (unless you count time as another coordinate).

    The tube of glitzy glamour gloss I got back in 2010 (in vogue) , is still more than 50% left, so I doubt the volume is a problem for any beauty blogger.


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