Sunday, March 25, 2012

Demeter Cologne Spray Bulgarian Rose and Lilac

Demeter Fragrance Library Cologne Spray in Bulgarian Rose and Lilac are singular, pick-me-up scents that are not supposed to last...Except they do, already out performing light fruity and/or floral like Viva la Juicy and Anna Sui secret wish). Bulgarian Rose (I have never sniffed the real deal) starts off sharp and sour (which reminds me of Sprite) but the rose note takes over in just a few minute, the scent is soft but not powdery at all and it lasts for around an hours (I stopped paying attention to it afterward). 

Lilac, in the other hand, is spot-on as I was instantly reminded of Revlon Lipsticks in Siren and Fashion's Night Pout (lilacs were the natural backdrop for the reviews of both lipsticks) the first time I sprayed it on. This one is rather strong (maybe a teensy bit powdery) and long-lasting. Overall, great scents for the spring (did I mention that they don't make my nose runny like normal perfume?) .

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