Monday, July 18, 2011

Rimmel Cherry Boost Moisture Renew Cream Lipgloss

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lip gloss is a fairly new release for spring 2011, the formula contains collagen, vitamin A,C,E and all that good stuff. Out of the decent selection of shade (which are mostly shimmery beige or pink anyway)  I picked up Cherry Boost, a shimmer-free blue red.

BTW, the camera you see in the reflection is (still)Sony DSC-H20, I stopped listing it on my FYI section as I don't feel like advertising for those third-party sellers (as the model is no longer available at Sony's site) who mark it up twice the original price from around 200 to 400. If you want pictures with decent quality, any point-and-shoot will do as long as you put some effort on the lighting/composition.
Back to the gloss, Moisture Renew features new type of furry silicone-like applicator that's slim and resilient, whenever I want to dispense more gloss by pressing the wand against my lips, instead of releasing the wobbles...

It's truly amazing what companies will come up with, just to annoy the heck out of their customers...
Arm swatch of Rimmel Cherry Boost, Maybelline Red Patent and Covergirl Red Riot, which are all rather sheer, one is a bit watery than the other but not significantly so. As a red gloss lover,I would say none of three is that special/worth getting (I wasted money on them so you don't have to).
Rimmel Cherry Boost Moisture Renew Cream Watery Lipgloss on the lips (mind you, I was being super persistent and re-dipped for around 10 times)- The gloss wears comfortably but (the thick layer I applied) gets absorbed within 20 minutes due to its watery nature.

Overall: Watery, moisturizing and comfortable to wear, the gloss itself is a bit too sheer (consider Cherry Boost is one of the deepest shades in the range) and the applicator is awkward (and a bit PIA). 


  1. It looks super glossy, too bad the lasting power is horrible

  2. cjx3pooh:
    I was 10 layers, so it better be glossy :)

  3. 10 layers! Wow :)

    Thanks for the review. I'll look for something with better pigment and wear.

  4. That looks very pretty on you, but what a shame you had to apply so many layers!

  5. Looks nice on the lips :)

  6. xD thank you for your dedication in redipping. It looks lovely but all the issues with it make this a no for me.

  7. I definitely agree with your review~ I have one of these in "rose cocoon" but I think it pairs well with lipsticks. ^^

  8. ooooooohhhh! bought a crystal fuchsia and it is soooooooooooooo WATERY!!! ugh and it said cream lipgloss fair and square! and the applicator...don get me started...


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