Tuesday, July 05, 2011

NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Powder in Sunny

Before you are put off by my lengthy review/complaint, which by the way is an essential part of my reviews, I want to say it really is wonderful for what it does and deserve every bit of raving it gets (on blogs, Makeup Alley and Youtube). Well,it's just not quite suitable for me (at least not at this moment)...
NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Powder in Sunny, retails for around 3 dollars, is a lightly scented (although you can't sense it unless you are sniffing attentively) matte bronzer with a cute sun embossed on the pan.Unlike most other drugstore cheek/face products, the NYC compact is no-frill,slim and has a mirror that's just big enough to show the whole face. I appreciate the sheer simplicity of the packaging and it would be even nicer if there is an actual hinge (so the two connected flabs don't break off with repeat usage/abuse) and a secure snap closure to avoid humidity getting in.
The texture of the NYC Sunny Bronzer really is impressive: Soft to the touch but well-pressed enough to not leave any dustiness. It's smooth and silky and doesn't appear cakey or blotchy on the face. When I dust Sunny lightly allover my face,it gives a very natural shade that's neither muddy nor orange, bringing my face just a shade or two darker.

My issue is that during summer, my face is always/already a shade or two darker than my neck and by adding the natural-looking bronzer, now I even have more ridiculous tan line separately my head and neck. Natural-looking? Yes. Flattering? Sadly, not on me (unless I am applying to anywhere but my face)...

Overall:"It's not you, it's me." (The standard and most used breakup line in China). People like me are better off with glowy bronzers like NYC Mosaic Face Powder, which is re-released along with their summer(Would I repurchase knowing that it will shatter again under my use/abuse? Probably not.) 2011 collection.


  1. Try the Guerlain mosaic bronzer to get around that problem. Unfortunately, it's 10 times the price.....

  2. That's pretty bronzer but what a shame it doesn't work for you.

  3. Aw, boo that this bronzer didn't work for you. At least it was only $3?

  4. Jamilla:
    I would actually consider buying the Guerlain if it's around 30 bucks (just a few bucks more expensive than Anna Sui/Paul & Joe, I guess I can handle that?) but here in US, it's 50-60 dollars, which roughly translates into 30 different drugstore lipstick/gloss or half a camera lens(either choice would make me much much happier).

    I still enjoy playing with it though, as the texture is rather nice and if I have time, I will dust it on my neck to balance things out.

    I think this could be rather handy during winter, when I am deathly pale...

  5. So prrety <3 Too bad i cant buy it anywhere . Is not available in my country8-|

  6. cute sun relief. and about you being pale, well, nobody's perfect! you have such a great blog i cannot control my commenting!


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