Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Shine and Shimmer

Thanks to the surge of interesting posts (summer break!),this monthly reading list came a bit earlier. 
A picture of smiling duck taken back in last summer

LOL customer moments from a beauty industry insider
Jessica is turning into a Bronzer Junkie (and so am I)
Eyeko shows you how they do business during an recession 
Bronzing 101 for pale girls who want a bit of summer glow
Tattooed on lip color (that can double up as fun mustache)
I need this dress for summer and the dog(as winter blanket)
Not sure what to wear on your eyes? Try Taupe and Turquoise

A little head up for fans of Japanese makeup in US, Paul and Joe(remember that lip lacquer I love?) and Anna Sui makeup are both on sale (each piece is around 5-18 dollars off) at Urban Outfitters. Shipping is 10 bucks so you might want to order with a friend, to either split the cost or reach the 150 dollar order total. I personally will just skip the sale (as if I need more lip gloss) as I am saving up for a camera pouch, zoom lens and other gadgets I can't think of at the moment... Wait,did I tell you that I just got my first DSLR (As expected from a cheapskate like me, it's just a cheapest newbie model I can find)? I guess I just did...

Please don't expect ass-kickingly amazing products picture or swatches from the blog since I mainly got the new camera to shoot furry animals(and pianists...well, many Eastern European pianists are indeed furry).Anyway, I can't wait for it to finish charging to play with it, and maybe start doing those Color Coded posts again...

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