Thursday, February 10, 2011

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Coral

Revlon lip products are going on sale at CVS this week so some of you might find the post helpful.
Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Coral isn't really a shade that I call "coral" (at least when it comes to makeup), but I guess many natural coral are indeed orange red so they are not too far off. It's not like they name a pink lip gloss "beige"...As we all know, reddish orange lips is a hot trend for spring 2011 (Leigton Meester was wearing something similar on the cover of February issue of Seventeen) so this is a perfect way to try out the look for an affordable price (not to mention the shade looks spot-on but not top neon). 
The shimmer-free formula of the Revlon Colorburst feels creamy and easy to glide. I am liking this better maybe because I didn't try it in the death of winter...The formula isn't particularly replenishing but it gives a pretty decent wear for a drugstore lipstick.  
Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Coral by itself, it looks a tad more orange mainly because my camera tends to act funny with anything bright and/or contains red (like how it gives a weird glare on the coral Maybelline lipstick in this post). I tried several times then finally gave up after the third attempt...
Revlon Coral with a sheer shimmery lip gloss from Sally Hansen.Despite the neon quality of the lipstick, Coral is surprisingly easy to wear (unlike the Shiseido Day Lily), with that right amount of red in the orange (or the other way around). It's quite flattering for my pale skin tone but I have seen it on dark girls and it looks a lot better. 

Edit: Click here for a (finally!) more color-acurate (less orange) swatch of the lipstick. 


  1. It looks amazing in your lips and I prefer it without gloss...I love all those oranges lipsticks cause I´m a red-head, it fits very well. I just don't like it in blondes, kinda freak.

    Have a nice day!

  2. ooh it turned out so orange on your lips! quite interesting! thanks for the post!

  3. That looks very orange. It is a pretty shade but I don't think I could pull it off. Shades with so much orange in them tend to make me look washed out.

  4. Wow that looks seriously orange! It looks kinda retro, all the Rah wannabes are wearing similar shades at school!(it's a british sub culture,basically upper middle class kids, but since I go to a new university, there are only middle wannabes in mine lol)But it's a pretty shade on you though :)

  5. Cacau:
    I like the gloss-free version as well. Most of the time I gloss bold lipstick over so that it would be easier to remove and less likely to stain my lips (and I need to find someway to use up the lip gloss I don't normally touch).
    I can see what you mean...anyway, I really love looking at redhead wearing peachy lipstick (for some random reason) it's bold and soft at the same time.

    Miss Jayce:
    Yeah, it's so orange that it's almost kind of creepy. Anyway, I still find the shade quite wearable.

    I actually though orange would look good with light brown hair like your. (And I usually think bold colors are less likely to go wrong on white people since you guys have more of a "colorful" features...)

    Lol, it's nice to know it's a "upper-middle class" color...People here never wear this kind of lip color to school.(athletic shorts/sweat pants and freebie T-shirts combo is almost like our school uniform).


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