Monday, February 14, 2011

NYC Kiss Gloss in Coral Reef

NYC Kiss Gloss in Coral Reef was a item from their summer collection. Unlike the other two I have reviewed. Coral reef is a lot more pigmented (well, anything compared to zero is a lot)and has a much smoother, non-sticky texture.It was released for summer but I find the formula very chap-lip-friendly. 
At first I thought the NYC version of Coral Reef would give Revlon gloss a run for their money, as it's pinker (shade-wise they are equally cute), easier to use and contains more product. But the gloss also happens to have an saccharine taste that's borderline gag-inducing.

I would still repurchase (if they release this formula again) just because the formula and pigmentation(which is shabby compared to Revlon but is still around/slightly above average for most drugstore glosses). Did I mention I like squeegee tube?

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