Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Shades Added to Revlon Colorstay Liquid Lip color

When I saw all of these Revlon colorstay liquid lipsticks going on sale last year, I thought they are getting rid of whole line and replace it with something better (the shade selection is quite dull and they weren't getting good reviews either) but I guess not...

Anyway,I don't get why did they decide to keep this but sack the gorgeous,generous (pigmented drugstore gloss in a big squeegee tube!) Beyond Natural glosses... I guess the size prevents people from using it up and repurchasing?


  1. I'm not really digging these new shades, they look boring...

  2. ^agreed with gio. Everything seems too dark for my taste. I will have to see these in person to see if I like anything though. I fell in love with Lilac Pastelle and now I'm on the hunt for more purple glosses X_X

    I also tagged you in my awards post here: ^^


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