Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ecotool Skunk Brush and Essence of Beauty Eco Friendly Brush Set

I have read several good reviews on Ecotool but have never tried anything from them (my collection is more or less complete) but everygirl could use an extra face brush (so that I can wash them less often), right?
Ecotool Bamboo Finishing Kabuki ($7.29) is not the first drugstore brand (a Walgreen brand called studio something already did it 2 years ago) that jumped into the duo-fiber/skunk bandwagon but it sure looks the best.
Essence of Beauty Eco Friendly Brush Set looks like it's copying Ecotool (at least the color theme and the packaging) with their "eco-friendly" label. Is it just me or the powder brush totally looks like it's made of animal hair? I mean, you don't need to kill an animal to get the hair but I have never seen animal hair brush makers market themselves as "eco-friendly"... I guess the term is not regulated by any organization?


  1. I love ecotools the best by far. Essence of beauty is ok I just have a concealer brush from them. May have to check this new 6 pc set out.

  2. i have yet tried either one. My friends love ecotools, though. :)

  3. is this available in-store at walgreens? I love eco tools and Ive been looking for a brush like this for ages now! Thanks

  4. cythaleanna:
    Yeah, I saw the ecotool brush at Walgreens (Essence of Beauty is CVS exclusive).

  5. Thanks :) will definitely go and buy it!


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