Thursday, October 22, 2009

Peachy Lips and Warm Cheeks

The weather is cooling so let's go for something warm for fall! (I am still into mascaras but it's a bit difficult to be in a mascara kick when your lashes are practically bald at this moment.)
I don't know about other people, I generally like to wear cool colors ,like fuchsia, for summer (as a matter of fact, my moms buy me nothing but bright blue/turquoise clothes for summer and only red for wonder why I am a bit sick of both colors...).

During fall, I want something that goes well with my left over summer tan (my skin gets palest during spring). Peachy lips and cheeks are certainly a nice choice, or only choice since I don't wear bronzer not to mention they go wonderfully with purple eyeshadow!

My current obsession (lashes, peachy blush and lips) can be summed up with this picture from Anna Sui 2009 spring collection, doesn't Anna Sui have the prettiest poster ever?


  1. nice photos!!
    i hav tons of pinks & peachy lippie stuff!
    grey & brown for me during fall..hehe

  2. yes the poster is indeed super pretty!!! I do tend to go for peachy cheeks peachy lips or pink cheeks pink lips, its just my thing I guess :)

  3. Yay for Benefit's Coralista !! =DD One of my fav blushes.

  4. hey! i do have both parlevous & tickle me francey, sadly I did not even think of them. so im looking at my nails with 50cent polish, and the bottle really does look like tickle me francey, but on my nails its darker and more purpley. and poster slightly reminds me of twiggy. coralista is my only expensive blush, and it smells insanely yummy! and i have short lashes too.. but i really like max factor volume couture in waterproof! barely any smudging & flaking

  5. Stella Vixen:
    It would be better if I still have the Stila pon pon gerbera lip glaze(2.4ml, ran out within a month)'s the prettiest coral gloss I have.

    I think it's just the safe choice to match pink cheek with pink lips, but since there are too much red going on my skin, pink blush makes me feel like pig.

    It's one of my favorite too! (Actually my favorite cool blush is also from Benefit, Thrrrob!)

    Sharpie United:
    Yup, I love love how benefit blushes smell...and the paper box is quite tough as well, at least it outlast my Anna Sui face color accent (which is plastic).

    I wanted to try max factor for a while now but it's 10 bucks and never ever went on sale...

  6. I love peachy pink colours! All year round! The poster is indeed super pretty, I love those lashes =)


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